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Welcome back. Had a similar experience not so long back and was finally persuade to get one of these new fangled usb ooptical mouses. Does the job but can be a bit of a fiddle for fine work on pictures. Still better than trying to do everything on the keypad.


Ever noticed though that if you forced to spend any time away from the computer and internet due to computer or internet failure that you start to get withdrawal symptoms?

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:oops: I was just about to say how upset we were when our hamster died too Mary but then my brain cell suddenly woke up and I realised what you meant :lol:



We tend to call a cordless computer mice a hamster - as it's like a normal mouse - but lacking in the tail department.



There is a report on BBC news website of a hamster in Edinburgh being rescued after it was found wandering in a blizzard. The SPCA are hoping the owner will come forward.   

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