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Cambridge's Mill Road Cemetery tombs 'used to sleep in'


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Mill Road Cemetery is grade II listed

People are moving the lids from tombs in a Cambridge cemetery so they can sleep in them for the night, police have said.

The cemetery is between Mill Road and Norfolk Street.

PC Alan Tregilgas of Cambridgeshire Police said in a statement that in some cases "tombstone lids have been pushed off so they can sleep inside them".

A spokeswoman for the cemetery said she had not seen any evidence of people sleeping in the graves.

Maintained by Cambridge City Council, the cemetery was purchased in 1847 for use by 13 parishes as extensions to their already over crowded graveyards.

The site is grade II listed on the English Heritage register of parks, gardens and cemeteries and has a number of listed monuments.

'Down on luck'

PC Tregilgas said: "It is not unusual to find drunken persons sleeping in this area."

The Reverend Margaret Widdess, secretary of the committee that represents the parishes, said: "The cemetery is open to the public and that includes people who are down on their luck.

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Funny in a way but it does go to show the level of desperation of these homeless people that they are willing to sleep in a tomb to keep warm.


My thought exactly Evils,  I wont even walk through our local grave yard at night as even that freeks me out (strange I know) let alone spending the night there.


To think that some desperate people are removing tomb stones lids just to find somewhere safe to sleep at night is  quite shocking.


I suppose on a plus side it would be very quiet and they probably wouldn't get mugged or verbally abused by the usual scrotes who probably taunt them if they sleep in the streets, parks or shop doorways.


Very sad :cry:  


They could have some 'fun' though scaring the life out of the likes of me once darkness falls though.  My grandma did much the same to some passers by when she accidentally got locked in Manchester Road cemetery many many years ago :lol:

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Yeah I know that Cleo (petal) and Asp as my mum always used to quote her mum (my grandama) who always used to say much the same ie ' the dead can't hurt you only the living can' .  What about zombies and evil poltergeists or other mischeivous spirits etc though :shock:


PS Asp.. maybe your childhood memories of living next to a graveyard are now a subconcious and deep routed reason why you choose to spend so much of your time out at sea...... :lol:  :P

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