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  1. 78 years I was born there, so that give you a clue. It was known as The Brough General Cheers, Jean The Thousand Islands Region Canada
  2. I use a one terabyte external with a one touch backup system on the disk, it's not a good idea to get a big one (say two tb.or three incase it dies, in other words don't put all your eggs in one basket) since there are good deal on the 1tbs and later when that's full buy. another.
  3. Jean

    Laurel & Hardy

    I was 11 I don't remember that what month was that? I might still have been in Wigan, moved in 1952.
  4. Oh I think you stirred up the Hornets nest. Alg
  5. Great stuff, looks like somebody bought themselves a Drone quadcopter, nice job.
  6. I lost my dog Duffy and he was 17 last year, I'd love to have another one, but at my age it would be awkward, I have three cats that keeps me busy, but cats aren't very responsive like a dog is.
  7. Well the reason I haven't been posting is, at 74years of age I have a p/t job, I have a neighbour who lives in Holland, and owns property locally and needed somebody to look after it, so I took up the challenge. Keeps me busy and out of trouble.(my excuse). So what about the rest of you, come on fess up.
  8. thank you very much for helping me out- cheers Jean
  9. here is the photo attached
  10. no it just lets me go to the photo and pretends its up loading and then nothing happends and the photo icon is blank
  11. Can not upload my new photo?????
  12. All the belated best from the hot "Cold Country" 30deg+ Jean
  13. all the very best Algy
  14. All the best and many more Algy from Canada.
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