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Fit to meet the Queen?


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I'm not sure I could have swallowed the thought of shaking the hand of a man who ordered my cousin's murder.


Those hands have blood on them - as we in Warrington know only too well - there should be NO amnesty, NO mercy, and NO stone left unturned until all the murdering scum have been brought to justice.

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McGuinness and Adams should have been strung up years ago in the centre of London for the whole world to see and left hanging there till their rotting corpses fell to the ground. Then the dogs should have been brought in to eat the remains.


Just a suggestion like. :wink:

Not keen on them then, Cleo?. :wink::D :grin:

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Is a person who, when elected to the House of Commons, refused to take the usual oath of allegiance to Her Majesty; a fit person to host the Queen on her visit to Ulster? :unsure:


The fact of being a murdering scumbag - whether by his own hands or through the organisation he lead makes him an unfit person - his refusal to take the oath, does not.



I love you too Baz.

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Whilst I don't agree with HM meeting him, isn't it an historical fact that most terrorist leaders go on to run their country and meet with the leaders from the rest of the world. Rhodesia and Israel spring to mind as well as the IRA.


What, like Carlos the Jackal, Che Guevara, the Bader Meinhof Gang, Abu Nidal, and Osama bin Laden all did?

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