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On the wrong track!


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Good idea :wink:


Obs... why didn't you mention there was a 20 year old man in her car at the time.


He's clearly just as 'stupid' as her, infact maybe even more so for not screaming STOP as she turned onto the track and travelled down the 80 yards before coming to a halt. I guess her car must have got stuck at that point as it required recovery vehicles to remove it.


Both were treated for shock apparently. :unsure:


Maybe she was just fed up of traffic jams or busy roads and figured that all this talk about the safety, cost benefit and ease of using public transport must mean something so decided try out their 'route' instead. :wink:

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I'm 7...... somthing, and I drive a full size charter tour bus all over the US, have done so since I retired from engineering ten years ago. Just renewed my CDL (PSV)licence last week and aced the eye test. I take a Department of Transport medical once a year that covers everything from reflexes to hearing, blood pressure, medical records etc. It's mostly individual ability not age that dictates problems. However, the law here is that once you pas 80, you have to take the standard driving test every two years.

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An 85-year-old Hampshire woman had a lucky escape today after driving down a high-speed railway line for 80 yards after taking a wrong turn at a level crossing.


The woman had a 20-year-old man in her car as she drove towards Brockenhurst station in the New Forest.


She turned on to the main line between Bournemouth and London Waterloo and drove the silver renault Clio for 80 yards on the tracks before her car came to a halt.


A British Transport Police spokesman said: ''BTP and Hampshire Police officers attended the line near to Brockenhurst rail station after a report that a car had been driven on to the line from the level crossing.


''Paramedics from the South Central Ambulance Service are also on scene. An 85-year-old woman driver and 20-year-old man were in the car at the time have been treated for shock, but no other injuries have been reported.


''Officers are currently on scene whilst the vehicle is removed by recovery vehicles.''


Rail services in the area were disrupted as a result of the incident, with buses brought in to replace trains.


I think it is disgusting to persecute this lady when the rail company bring in buses and do exactly the same!. :D :grin: :D



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