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They have a million pounds less than David Bowie..... Has David Bowie or his family ever been kidnapped and held to ransom?.....No...


They have enough money to go public and never be bothered by the criminal scumbags that might seek to harm them. That is what money can buy......

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Good point and I guess you are right as I can't even remember the last two who won a fortune. Actually I can but they seemed to have disappeared after all the bad press.


I bet their sudden new found 'friends' and 'family' are still grovelling though and their letter box is fuller than it once :wink:


Best to be open and get it over with than to have the tabloids forever on your tail though without a doubt.


I must remember that when I win... I WISH :lol:


If I ever do win £101 MILLION (or similar) I will give you all cut starting at £1 and upto £50,000 depending on how nice you have been to me on here :lol:

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:shock: Oooh Baz... as an apology and on behalf of the whole family I will add an extra '0' to yours and deduct a '0' from his share :wink::lol:


So where do you recon you are now then as yours could be somewere between £10 and £500,000 now. Who do you recon you come above so far?


Gosh that question could really open a big can of worms :lol::lol:

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IF a friend or relation won £101 million on the lottery: would you "expect" a share in their winnings, and if you didn't get it, would it sour your relationship? :unsure:

IF any of my relations won a large amount on the lottery there's no way I would ever find out! :wink:

And if I won it there's no way you lot would find out, other than obs, I would pay him off on one legally binding condition that he would set up and run a charity for poor, jobless immigrants in the Warrington area.

Regarding the begging letters, I would still continue sending them. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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It is a hard decision. If I won that amount I would give to close family members but not those family members you have not seen for years and now all of a sudden want to become close again.


With 101 million you can help a lot of people and make good changes for the local community. I have always promised myself that if I won that is what I would do.


I would try to not go public. I would forever be in fear of my family.


Until I win who knows? :P

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Think the tabloids have already have a go. In Morrison's last evening and the headline was something about a son she had kicked out, and I got the impression the winner is no saint.


Difficult to say about giving money away. Would present lots of trouble. Give your brother a million and he says it should be more out of that big pot. Fail to treat all relatives equally and that could be troublesome.


Hope my begging letter produces results, although my grannie is not really sick.


Happy days

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