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  1. He's a class act..Ball playing loose forward likely to put Ben Currie through gaps and when he was at Castleford was a handy goalkicker. A snip at £150,000.
  2. According to the Hull forum Westerman is coming here rather than Leeds because Wire are willing to pay a transfer fee whilst Leeds want him for nowt....Could be Forum gossip but most Hull fans believe it to be true.
  3. From what I've heard a big new signing will be announced next week, name starting with *J* and ending with *W*
  4. The Pies will be harder to beat because of the spoiling tactics at the play the ball which they get away with all the time. They involve three defenders in the tackle, the third is usually a blatant flop and they take forever to release the tackled player.....Referees just ignore it these days but it's ruining the game...It's one of the reasons my sabbatical will continue.....Wrestling is now a recognised technique in training sessions but it isn't for me I prefer the old fashioned skills but my kind are a dying constituency....
  5. Couldn't make out a word due to the familiar echo.
  6. Matches at Wilderspool were played with a smile on it's face...The present day game takes itself far too seriously...It seems humour has left the game, if only that aroma of fried onions, burgers and urine could have been bottled, we could have enjoyed our memories of the old ground....Initially when the closure was announced one of the plans was to take the main stand to Wakefield trinity, what happened to that ?....
  7. Interestingly Roy Asatosi is top of the list of big guns...From what I hear he's more of a peashooter than a big gun.
  8. My Sabbatical is likely to be extended...The game has gone mad.
  9. This dead horse has been flogged for almost 40 years, it took long enough for the penny to drop. Even Tony Smith in today's Guardian has stern words about these Itinerants pointing out the fact they had only 6 players in a pre-season preparation, finally putting a team together on the eve of the new season...Very unusual for Mr Smith to be so vocal in his criticism of another club...I wouldn't put it past the powers that be to decide in a couple of seasons that the game really does need a London presence and another motley crew of travellers will be fast tracked into Superleague. Another 40 ye
  10. I know I've mentioned this before Gary but the sound quality means it's almost impossible to decipher what Mr Ormesby is saying because of the bathroom type echo....Yes I know I'm an old flatulent who's hearing isn't what it once was but I'm sure a pipistrel bat would have difficulty...Perhaps you could invest in some of the sheets of soundproofing which are seen in recording studios.
  11. He's welcome as is everybody...I'd back Psycho Sue to beat him up in a fight....She's leathered me many a time.
  12. Best performance for a long time but Asatosi still stunk the place out...He's a big lazy barsteward. I put him under the Safeway microscope tonight and came to the conclusion that he hardly ever puts himself in a position to be first receiver at the PTB....He almost always positions himself on the short side thus ensuring he almost certainly won't be first receiver...On the rare occasion he does receive the ball, provide he doesn't drop it, he ambles up to the defence almost begging to be tackled...In defence I've never seen him once be the first tackler, just joining in second or better still
  13. Broncos vs Huddersfield this afternoon attracted a pathetic 1030 people....Time's up methinks.
  14. Built like King Kong plays like Little Bo Peep.
  15. You'll win the quiz before the Wire win owt next Davy.
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