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How big is your vocabulary?


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Not blummin' fur oid a gotten loads mower if'n it ud ad sumat uf propa wirds loik them un it!


Acurn – acorn.

Acwórd – accord

Acwordin – according

Addle – to get, to earn, to handle wages

Addlin – earning

Addlt – earned

Addle-yedded – empty-headed, unfruitful (an addle egg)

Adóo – labour, pains-taking. "They maydn mitch adoo on him."

Affeside or Affetside – a hilly district near Bury

Dare-na, dareno – dare not

Darto – darest thou

Heigh-go-mad – mad, shouting or galloping like mad

Heigher – higher

Heir’t – inherited ‘Where aw’ve a gill thae’s nine or ten,

Thae mun ha’ heir’t a fortin!’

Helder – rather ‘Aw’d helder not go’

Helder or Elder, more likely – udder of a cow

Ogen, ogeean – again ‘Opporunity ‘ll never come ogen’

Ogoddil – if God will

Ogreath – right, streight, perfect

Ole – all ‘Till th’ curtain falls deawn, an’ ole’s o’er’

Oleawt – all out, all ready: "Theyr dun oleawt."

Sitch – such

Sitchun – such an one

Sithe’, sitha – see thou, do thou see ‘Sitha! Here he is!’

Sitter – an old fester'd sore

Sivv – a sieve


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