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Local Classic Car Wins Best in Show at Tatton Classic Event....


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Thanks Wingy.....




Well there were about 2000 show cars there today and about the same tomorrow apparently.


Today it was £7.50 for adults and a fiver for kids.


Some amazing cars as well as motorbikes, some American stuff, army vehicles playground for the kids and a beer tent.... truly a wonderous place!

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Well done Baz.

Did you walk away because the car wouldn't start? :wink:


Funny enough it wouldn't at the end of the show.... battery is a bit shot.... it has only done 12 miles this year..... but you don't own a 44 year old car without having a battery pack in the boot to jump start from!! One advantage though, once it starts, it can run on a flat battery until you turn the key off again!


Now sat on the drive with the battery on overnight charge!!

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I'll see what I can do....I'll have to get my official photographer to knock some snaps out!!


I even got to see Bill today too..... he was looking for the classic Alfa Romeo cars....but as I told him; unfortunately any Alfa over 5years old is already rusted to bits so there were none there!! :D

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Yep a good day of for both the wife and me, sort of two birds with one stone, I get to play cars and she gets the stately home bit.


As Baz knows, my first car was also a Ford Corsair so looking over his shining example brought back many memories. I was surprised that it was the only one there though because in its day it was not an uncommon car.


As for Alfas dissapearing into a pile of rust after five years, I think I hit that point in exactly 9 days so I guess I'd better keep an eye on things! :D


Bill :)

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I went yesterday and must admit didnt see the corsair but not really my cup of tea. More fun round the RS Fords, Subarus and Jaguar areas. Also got to see a split screen VW camper in immaculate condition.


Great day out but getting a bit expensive now as you have to add the £5 for getting into Tatton as well. Also on the web they said kids under 12 free and then under 10 when u got there.

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