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Are you feeling festive ?


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Apparenly Harrods started their Christmas Festivities today (earlier than usual) by opening their Christmas range to the public at 8.00am this morning. :shock:


It's only the 28th July for goodness sake, kids have only just broken up for their summer holidays... most people haven't even had their summer holidays yet... and they expect people to start thinking about Xmas !!!!


MADNESS... but then again I guess only those with massive amounts of money can shop in Harrods so they probably don't live in the real word anyway and everyday is fairy tinsel land to them. :wink:



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I guess you are right Harry and a lot of people do seem to shop early for xmas presents etc. Nothing wrong with that and many people buy gifts in the January Sales for the following Christmas so as to save money.. again nothing wrong with that but personally I just could not face going into a shop at this time of the year that is all done up all 'christmassy' (if there is such a word). I think I would walk straight out again :blink:

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