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A Sick Bird?


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Okay, it's only a ferral pigeon but.......




It has been about for two days now, it isn't ringed, and it is usually perched on my windowsill by the backdoor. It doesn't move when I go near it, sometimes it hops about on the floor. It looks perky enough, but it is absolutely wet through which is not right. I haven't seen this colouring in a pigeon before, I think this is a sick or injured bird.


I am going to give the RSPB a call and see what they say. They might even spend some of their hard earned cash and send somebody down. I'll mention bird flu and take it from there.

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I have rang the RSPB at Dudlows Green Warrington, Ha, I got the answerphone, so I gave them the information much the same as what I have posted on here along with my details. I also mentioned bird flu, and offered to net the bird for them to save wasting time, if they think it is safe for me to do so.


Let's see how long it takes.

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The poor thing. It certainly doesn't look 'right' :(


If the RSPB doesn't get back to you try the RSPCA as they may have a more direct number and 'maybe' they could help.


The RPSCA does also have a Wildlife Centre at Staperley Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre, Nantwich, Tel: 0300 123 0722.


I hope its ok and well done to you for trying to help the poor thing :wink:

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It's not a wood pigeon but a feral pigeon there are a large flock of them that roost under the disused railway bridge on Bradshaw lane, they suffer very badly from disease Wingy so personally I would not handle it, there was one hanging about the hedgerow in Bellhouse lane in a similar state eventually it 'cocked it's toes up and lay at the bottom of the hedge. Like all creatures they all have a life span!.


Borrowed From Northampton CC website.


What diseases do feral pigeons carry?

Feral pigeons carry diseases that are harmful to man, significantly more than the brown rat and yet people would not normally dream of feeding rats! The best known disease passed from birds to man is Psittacosis but over 40 more diseases can be passed from feral pigeon to humans, including potentially infectious diseases such as salmonella, tuberculosis and ornithosis.


These birds are also a source of allergens, which can cause respiratory illnesses like pigeon fancier's lung and allergic skin reactions. It is possible for these illnesses to be spread to people through contact with pigeon droppings, feathers, pigeon parasites, or where dead infected pigeons get into food or water sources.

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What a game.


Reet then, I got fed up of waiting for the call back, so I called the RSPB again. This time I got through and spoke to an elderly wench. I was part way through telling her what had happened when she said; hold on a minuit, let me stop you there. The RSPB do not attend sick or injured birds. What! I was then told to contact the RSPCA.


Fair enough, so I rang them instead. I lost count of the number of 123 or 4 digits I had to press to make a choice of who to speak to. Finally I did get to speak to somebody. I told this other wench what had happened, and also asked if they would like me to catch the bird and then ring them back later. I was thanked for the offer, and it was stressed that I wear gloves and wash my hands thouroughly afterwards as I had mentioned bird flu.


Reet then, it's action stations. I got me 42" landing net from me fishing bag, and successfully netted the pigeon at the first attempt. But wouldn't you just know it? the bird escaped the net just as I went to pick it up. Now I was begining to feel stupid as I couldn't really come back on this thread and say sorry folks but it got away could I?


It went into my next door neighbours garden where Ships Cat lives. I forced me way through the rotten fencing, and fell into a bed of stinging nettles, they always seem to be at their most venomous when they are wet don't they. Luckilly for me I was wearing me Bear Grills shirt and you know what that means don't you? It means I am capable of doing anything that's what. Jumping off wash house roofs, climbing up drainpipes, anything at all.


With the bird safely boxed up, I rang the RSPCA back. This time I spoke to somebody different. I told the chap what had happened, and said that I was to ring back which I am now doing. This time I was told to take it to a local vets and they would look after it as he could not give me a designated time of pick up from my house. I was now begining to feel as if I was being fobbed off again and shunted about.


Not knowing what the response would be, I took the pigeon along to my local vets.


There was a young wench by the counter, Registered veterinary nurse Louise Mainwaring.




Louise of Elliots Veterinary centre took charge of the pigeon as I gave her the story. I asked Louise what happens next? do they send the pigeon to the RSPCA or what. I was surprised to hear that they themselves at Elliots will be treating and looking after the pigeon until it makes a full recovery. I am happy to say the pigeon looked more injured than ill or sick. Folks, we have a happy ending.


Many thanks to Louise at Elliots surgery.

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Well done Wingnut an Elliots Vets :D:D


I'm a tad annoyed with the other two places after reading that though. What exactly do the RSPB do if they don't attend or treat injured or sick birds. :evil:


Vets seem to be the only people who do actually care and are willing to do something when an animal is clearly sick or injured.


Anyway...... like you say a happy ending and maybe you can go and take another picture of it when it's better :D


PS the young'un here was laughing at your post... bear grills, armed and invincible eh :lol:

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Ha haaaa. If I do develop pigeon toes or anything else, I'll come and cough all over you. I don't really want to end up in a wheelie bin, not just yet anyway :D


I'll go back at visiting time and take it some grapes and peanuts. I think this pigeon deserves to have a christian name. So I've decided to call it Walter.

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Luckilly for me I was wearing me Bear Grills shirt and you know what that means don't you? It means I am capable of doing anything that's what. Jumping off wash house roofs, climbing up drainpipes, anything at all.


Will be out with the axle grease later on my outside drainpipes and will be wearing me bicycle clips from now on for the others drainpipes. :D

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A RANK bad joke Wingy.

I bet Dizzy doesn't get that one either H, she's far too young. :)


Just been on the blower to me mate Grubby Pants, as he is more in the know about these things than I am.


I told him what happened with the RSPB.

he said yes that sounds right. They deal with matters such as the Law on birds, in other words, they deal with the protection of birds within the Law. For example, if a gamekeeper shot a Goshawk, and he was found out. The RSPB would take him to court over it. They only work in the "protection" of birds and are not a charity run organisation for the treatment for sick or injured birds. It was right that I was directed to the RSPCA.


I thought it might be something like this but wasn't sure. That's that cleared up then. :)

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