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  1. Our fans DID go looking for it, Latch. We were walking past the West Stand when some lads, wearing our colours went into it. Two went in first, then others followed. There was no security on the door that I could see. I couldn't see any Police either.
  2. He was gulping and leg slapping . You scary man
  3. I have. Poor lad was a nervous wreck. What did you threaten him with, Gary?
  4. I think Salford. I can't think that the draw will be Mr Koukash, but Tim Sheens. Wherever he ends up, I wish him all the luck in the world and I agree, Gary, I feel that he will come back to haunt us.
  5. I think we are a lot closer, Wolfie. Warrington could easily have reversed that score if the match had been played by Superleague rules. St George defended well by fair means and foul. It's also worth remembering that for some of our younger players that would have been the biggest game of their lives. Wigan went into 'golden point' territory. You can't get closer than that. It didn't all come together on the night for Saints. I would actually have liked to see Wigan play the Bunnies.
  6. Has anyone heard the outcome of the hearing, yesterday?
  7. I'm not a football person but if the admission was free, I'd be happy to turn up to support the team
  8. 30% for me. I must brush up on religious preferences!
  9. Sheila_P


    From what I can gather, they are additional. I read earlier that more had moved on to the park, yesterday.
  10. Sheila_P


    Some more have moved onto Woolston Park.
  11. Sheila_P


    Someone reported seeing vans hitched to caravans going up the M6. They would have to be on the southbound side because they turned left at the end of Woolston Grange Avenue. The police blocked off Manchester Road, to give them a clear run.
  12. Sheila_P


    They have been moved on now. I was at the tail end of their convoy earlier. It must have cost a fortune in resources. Lots of blue light police cars, plus a helicopter overhead.
  13. I loved growing up in Latchford, about a five minute walk from where the tyre wall now is. I won't kid myself that the area was pretty but the people growing up around me were 'pretty', pretty amazing. A number of people who lived there when I grew up still remain there, some being pretty elderly now. We had the field, now Westy Park, to play in, jumping ditches and trying not to fall in. We fished for newts and invariably caught them and took them home to care for them. We cared for frog spawn and frogs, in our childish and well meaning ways. As far as I'm aware, none of those things remain to teach kids about nature and nurture. That loss is bad enough, without having to look at an absolute eyesore each time they have to travel along or across Kingsway. Surely we should be striving to make our surroundings nicer, rather than like the start of a ghetto. Will the appeal meeting be open to the public?
  14. I've had a bit of an awakening, today. I was actually under the impression that this problem had been resolved. I can't remember where I read that. I have signed the petition, which I had thought was a lame duck. It may be a good idea to post the link on the front page of WW, Gary. Others may be as unenlightened as I was until today x
  15. Here's one for your dog. http://www.ehow.com/how_6190598_homemade-fly-repellent-dogs.html?dmsp=manual
  16. This might help too, Dizzy. http://www.healthy-holistic-living.com/how-to-get-rid-of-flies.html#sthash.pVZ0ij4l.qjtu
  17. He really has been taking too many knocks. Maybe he saw what happened to Joel on Friday night and decided. Not convinced about that because the statement came out too quickly. Others, elsewhere are speculating on an announcement relating to Clarke from Cas.
  18. The miracle happened. Hopefully, it's onwards and upwards now. Well done the lads!
  19. A win tonight would be fantastic. However, I think it would need a near miracle to pull off a victory, tonight. Hope I'm wrong. I've been wrong a number of times this season. If we do pull off a win, yes, we are back on track.
  20. Had a great day on Sunday, enjoying the sun, meeting people from other clubs, spending time with our lovely Catalan friends and of course, hearing the Barmy Army in full voice. The result was pretty good, too Hope it doesn't move too far away next season.
  21. I'm not sure, Dizz. He did mention something else but I don't think it was anything/anyone specific. Could be wrong, though.
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