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Teachers Strike


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Seems like many Warrington teachers who are members of the NUT will be going on strike next Thursday (24 April) over their low pay increase.


Their union is demanding a 10% pay rise or ?3,000 :o - whichever is more - for every teacher this September.


Warrington alone apparently has over

2000 teachers...


2000 x ?3000 = an awful lot of money ! :o


While I agree that teachers deserve every penny they currenly get they do seem well paid compared to other professions and there are also a lot of perks that come with the job too.

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Guess I was basing my comparison on the higher paid members of staff so could be a tad unfair to those at the lower end of the scale... I appologise to them in advance of the abuse they will probably give me :wink:


However, I still think a 10% increase is a lot.


Where does the money come from to pay teacher's wages by the way :o ?

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Keep calm. :wink: Just trying to establish the facts and confirm my thoughts.


Given the excessive borrowing by WBC(who said they were cutting costs), I would suggest that to go on strike and lose income was rather reckless, 'cos they ain't going to get 10% IMO.

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Wolfie is correct regarding employers but pay rises are agreed nationally, so ultimately it is the government who decide how much they get.


I have no dobts that they will not get 10%, but in the good old days of the unions if you wanted 5% you always asked for 10. :wink:


As for being a teacher, I wouldn't do the job for a gold clock apart from being a PE teacher which tends to be one of the more cushy roles. :roll:

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Well I am one of the ones having to stay at home to look after my little boy next week. (His teacher is in the NUT so is on strike but some of the other teachers are working!)


Anyway, when gas, petrol, electric, food and even the police contributions via the poll tax are increasing by at least 17% and our MP's (from all parties I hasten to add) are raping and pillaging whatever they can get their grubby bloody hands on, why shouldn't they try it on? This is only the start of what is to come. Wait till the other public servants start with their wage demands. The governmebnt had to back track with the Police to save face but I tend to think that this time the whole country will be against Brown and his trough snuffling government


When you compare it to the photographs in todays paper showing what squalor our troops have to live in on their way to battle, I would personally lead the revolution on Downing street and have Brown hanging from the light over the door of Number 10.


Good on the teachers and any other group who want to take on this corrupt regime!!

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Well just to add my final moan....


My child's whole school is also closed tomorrow (Friday)for a 'teachers training day' :(


The following Monday is a bank holiday...


So the whole school is down to a four day week for 3 weeks.


The kids think it's great BUT as a parent I don't as his year group have their important year 9 SATS Exams starting immediately after :(


[ 17.04.2008, 22:11: Message edited by: Dismayed ]

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I suppose they are lucky in that they have the right to strike. I dont think that Gordon will be too bothered what people say or do, he has had a nice cosy well paid job and bins full of expences.

When he is turfed out in May someone else can sort the problem out while he sits and jokes about peoples misery on the other side.

When are we off the downing street, want the rope?


[ 17.04.2008, 23:52: Message edited by: little fella ]

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I'm not sure which party you'd regard as responsible for teachers' wage claims...


Warrington is one of the lowest-funded authorities (in terms of ? per pupil) in the land. But the Labour government has poured money into schools (including higher salaries for teachers) and most schools have many more classroom assistants, and money for repairs. Warrington has two primary schools being rebuilt and two high schools to be rebuilt in the next few years.


The previous Labour administration in Warrington also gave extra money to schools - and as school budgets are now ring-fenced at historic levels, that extra is a permanent feature (perhaps at the expense of other services).


Add in the free nursery / childcare places, no infant class of over 30 children (and few junior classes over 30) and, whatever else is going on, education education education (at least at schools level) is one area where the contrast from when Labour came to power represents a remarkable transformation.

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Errm, just proves that throwing money at issues, doesn't guarantee results. :roll: Noticed some "experts" are now calling for "rewards" for good behaviour by pupils AND (this is a corker!) TO IGNORE DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOUR! :o So some attention seeking clown, is allowed to ruin the lesson for everyone else, because s/he's merely being ignored - what a load of codgewallop. :x

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