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  1. As far as i'm aware that's true, you can take a translator in to help, what's to stop an existing driver translating and giving the answers? It a complete shambles in warrington.
  2. There's nothing in the LGMPA that says a PHV must return to it's base, remember all PHV's are fully insured and taxed for the public roads, they can both drive and park, wherever they like (within the law of course). As for the "taxi team" if your refering to the Warrington Taxi Team then lots of what they say is utter tosh, as has been proved on more than one occasion. They like to think that they can make up rules to suit themselves withour realising they can't. All ABBA work is despatched from Crown St which is of course they're registered office as well. As for Pink, no-ones yet been involved in a serious accident yet thank god, but if/when they do ive a feeling the insurance issue etc might be theyre undoing, but of course they'll probably just go bust again and sod everyone else.
  3. Not quite correct here, A PH Vehicle doesnt have to return to base by law at all, and Academy Way isnt the registered Office, it's Crown St. And cab direct are contacted straight to the driver, so in fact the drivers are usually writing the addresses down while they're driving! Not good!!
  4. Dont be to Dismayed dismayed, There's probably a PHV within 5 mins drive of virtually every house in Warrington, you ring the telephonist who takes your booking securely (so no-one knows your off on holiday for a week! and with a little luck they'll turn up on time and take you wherever your going. If you feel youve been overcharged, i know abba will have another driver drive the route and the fare will be calculated, if it's found youve been overcharged you'll be refunded without question. With a Taxi unless he's on a system like abba or harrys you'll more than likely have to flag it down for a ride which means you dont really know who he is, or have a record of your trip if something goes wrong. Plus theyre quite a lot dearer. BTW, did you know that if you book a train job, and tell the company your catching a train and they accept the booking, if you miss that train they must endeavour to get to your final destination at their cost. Thats why lots of people say its a train job even if theyre just going to town (it makes sure the car turns up on time, you go straight to the top of the booking list) but make sure your dropped off at the station anyway or else the could put a block on future train booking from your number.
  5. Bill's spot on as usual, Bridge St was closed at night to save the poor drunken souls from getting run over and the boy racers who zoom up and down trying to pose in their 1.4 clio's. The Crown office was opened some years ago without objection by a previous owner. Abba opened the new office opposite after consulting with the Town Centre Management, Disability Groups etc, the raised kerb in the bus stop allows the wheelchair accessable vehicles to pick up without the usual problems. The Office by the way is state of the art for warrington, catering for every person in the town in a comfortable surroundings.
  6. I sometimes teach year 11 for 4hrs a week, and belive me if they have to put up with some of the stuff i have to they deserve every penny! They have a total disregard for everyone including themselves most of the time.
  7. Its because of the cost's, why should legit PH have tp pay ?300 MOT, ?30 Badge, ?60 Medical, ?40 CRB etc when they dont? Answer Because if it wasn't regulated as it is anybody could jump in their car and cruise the streets. It isnt to bad in warrington but the problems elsewhere is scary. We've all heard of the problems of Minicabs, rape and assault etc and also the problem of undeclared tax which costs us all a fortune.
  8. Yea, just like pink ladies, go under, buy back for a fraction of the cost..................
  9. To do a proper job wire brush, paint with etching primer (it eats its way in to last longer and adhere's to the old galv) then use a decent galv paint.
  10. Why not just comment on the change in law about to take place on 1st Jan. This you've yet to do! [ 03.12.2007, 06:10: Message edited by: hiccy ]
  11. Pink & Proud has less than a month to comply or be prosecuted for failing to comply with the law. Once she does, then i'd like to wish her luck with her buisness If it wasn't for the FACT she (or the company she works for) conned so many people out of lot's of money. So i cant, i hope the cost's of making the drivers and vehicles legal leads to insolvency aqap. Pink Who??
  12. Fun? ha ha, you wont sue because you know i'm right, never mind, i look forward to you being all plated up in the new year, and then if it wasn't for the fact you ripped off all those people who invested with you i'd genuinely wish you good luck, as it is, i look forward to seeing you in that little section in the Guardian titled "insolvency"
  13. It is, and i'm of of many who'll be laughing in a couple of months when you have to become legal and cant afford it so go bump, and then you may feel like the many others who you've swindled out of thousands of pounds! oh is that liable, sue me!!
  14. Exactly, but theres a fine line that must not be crossed or the victim becomes the agressor, I teach at Uni, and some of the things that i see happen there are shocking, youth's know exactly what they can get away with and the punishment if theyre caught, some think it's worth the risk to kick someones head in because they know all they'll get is a slap on the wrist.
  15. It's matter of how much force is used. A year ago i had my rear light kicked in by a yob (25yo ish) in town, he was with 2 others one of which was in his 30's. A person in the shop saw it happen and told me. I went out and confronted him, he admitted doing it and as i phoned the police they casually walked off towards Bridge St without a care in the world. I followed, determined he wouldnt get away with it. When we all got outside Mc Donalds he turned and confronted me in front of maybe 60 shoppers telling me if i kept following them while i waited for the Police to arrive he'd "kill me". I pointed out all the cameras and and said it wouldnt be a wise move, by this time we had a huge crowd of shoppers gathered around us wondering what all the fuss was about. He was showing off in front of everybody and came right up to me, put his face in front of mine and and spat out "I'm gunna knock the **** out of you now", at which point i knocked him out with one punch. His mates we're shouting abuse but didnt dare come close. The police arrived saw him still on the ground and asked what had happened, after explaining how the events unfolded they arrested him and his mates and went to view the cctv footage. They came back to me 1/2hr later and called it a perfectly legal "pre-emptive strike" because it was obvious he was about to hit me, so i got one in first. As i didnt follow it up with a further punch or kick, it's legal to defend your self. He got a fine, had to pay me a days loss of earnings and pay for a new rear light ?435 in total. Perhaps they did a bit to much!
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