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  1. Nope, just let the forum bigot keep on spewing his vile opinions. I had a long PM made out to Dizzy on that very subject, but seems his inbox is full, so wouldn't send.
  2. 3 minutes that took for one of your stereotypical barbs to come up, despite you apparently 'not stooping' to such things. I'm sure you're delighted though that you drive people away from the forum with your utter bigoted rubbish.
  3. 32,342 posts today, 8 years. 11 posts a day constantly for 8 years Most of them bigoted, xenophobic, or vile in some way, that's when of course it's not a straight copy and paste with no actual accreditation to the original source. What a guy
  4. oh yes, I know "language" like that isn't acceptable, opinions like observer's appear to be fine though? I think that says an awful lot more about you than it does about me.
  5. Ddin't rattle me at all actually Dizzy. What my comments attempted to relay were my complete and utter astonishment that he can actually be as big an <??>hole as he appears to be from his 32,000 posts on here. The two posts quoted, especially the first, seem to confirm it. There's no doubt now, either he is a not right, or does it for sh**s and giggles, either way, surely despite the value he adds to your site through google rankings, enough is enough, and he simply has to be extinguished?
  6. please, I know he posts a mountain of posts, but at some point, decency surely means he has to be banned?
  7. Really? I mean really, this is how low you and your winking smilies can stoop? What a complete <REMOVED !!> you are obs, not that anyone who has been on here any length of time could doubt it, but this takes the biscuit.
  8. It's quite amusing that the most judgemental poster on this forum by a distance, on every topic, is now deciding we shouldn't be judgemental in the face of overwhelming evidence on this issue. Big Jimmy fan regurgitator?
  9. Can't agree with any of this. This is probably the least relaxed, and most anal of any of the many many forums I have visited over the years. As far as various football forums for instance, this subject is being diuscussed in just the same way as on here, except elsewhere there are more 'eagles' on the go. And finally, where is this forum a laughing stock becasue of this topic?
  10. disgusted


    I'd suggest you have no clue then. Best thing that could have happened to Scottish football is the demise of the old Firm. Things are changing, and for the better.
  11. He stated there was an appeal a couple of days ago.
  12. I thought The Bill finished years back, didn't Reg try to top himself as it was the only acting job he ever had?
  13. Christ on a bike, an admission at long last. TY Obs, never thought i'd see the day!
  14. I've got it now, Obs never puts a descriptive title to his threads so you have to open them to see what he is on about now.
  15. I see you dodged the "distasteful" issue there Lt, can you explain why it is distasteful for the Merseyside police to feel Scousers were to blame? I think in all honesty, it's the Scousers who need to get over their anti-Police sentiment.
  16. Err, yes it has. Why is it distatsful for the Merseyside police to point the finger of blame where it actually lies? I know it's a Scouse thing to always defend their own whatever the rights or wrongs of a situation, but in the real world, many people do look at things even handedly, as appears to have happened here.
  17. No he wasn't. He was running after being requested to stop by police who were attempting to arrest him as a suspected terrorist.
  18. Utter nonsense. In fact see my thread on two town centre restaurants from a couple of weeks back, Baz even gave feedback on one, and it's doing tremendously well. So it seems if the offering is right, people are not afraid to go, but if the offering is poor then the establishment can blame non-existent factors for their own failures.
  19. What else would you open as a late night business, a newsagent?
  20. Thoughts are with his friends and family.... ....well they would be if I was a Scouser
  21. Just what Baz says, guy's in a position of trust with kids, he can't go around posting that where it can be seen by all and sundry.
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