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How Sad is this?


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Westy Hall Latchford


This is a residential care home where old folk, with age-related illnesses or disability, go to spend their final years. There?s not an awful lot going for them but at their age in life, they don?t really ask for much. They each have their own room that becomes their home and there are a couple of shared common rooms where they can sit and watch some telly.


In one of these rooms, residents that have smoked all their life are still allowed the small luxury of having a cigarette. Their not allowed to smoke in their rooms and can?t at their age just nip outside for a smoke. The care workers don?t object to this, in fact they say that the smoking room is only unorganised activity that actually brings people together socially, something they find hard to achieve.


There are currently just four residents left who used the smoking room, so it?s no big problem, well not that is unless you work for the health and safety Gestapo.


Could you believe that some totally insensitive and uncaring jobsworth has told the care home that they must replace all the seating in this room with harder chairs for no other reason other than that people might get too comfortable there. Nobody in their right mind could ever pass a law where the sole objective was to deliberately cause discomfort to the elderly so this has to be the action of someone who makes up their own ?rules?


These people are in their eighties and nineties and have worked hard all their lives, paid taxes and gone through world wars to give us what we have today only to find that now in the twilight of their years, some idiot want?s to give them a harder seat. It?s absolutely disgusting, these so called experts should hang their heads in shame for even thinking about imposing such measures.


Bill :(

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I did post this reply "eleswhere too!!"


This should be taken up at the highest level Bill. The person responsible for this disgraceful event should be named, shamed and sacked immediately.


Therein lies the big problem with this administration; you can kick out the tinpot politicians called councillors but you can't do anything to the idiots employed by the council who actually make the decisions and cause all this misery and heartache.


I would say take it up with Helen Southworth or Helen Jones; but then the two Bliar Babes are too busy for such trivialities I imagine!

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Yes thanks for that Pete but I need to find out if this comes from the council or some other group with nothing better to do.


I was asked if I could think up any way that funds could be raised to pay for these harder seats and I think you could guess my reply.



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Observer / John


I did ask that but the answer was very definitely the comfort factor and nothing to do with fire risk. They were told that by providing comfortable chairs, they were actually encouraging the residents to use and stay in the room whereas harder chairs would have the opposite effect. The TV was also removed from the room for exactly the same reason.


Having watched the debate on the new smoking rules on many forums, clearly there are some out there who will never be happy unless smoking is totally banned. Given people like these exist, it?s not unreasonable to assume that Mr Jobsworth thinks in this way as well. Now he or she can?t force the residents to stop smoking in what for them is their own home and rather than accept defeat, they choose to make life uncomfortable for them.






Observers joke about converting to prison status wasn?t that far off the mark as residents in the main remain in their rooms and don?t get to go outside. You also have to bear in mind also that the people who live there are not as mobile as us and don?t just nip in for a smoke. My mother in law uses a zimmer frame and given the choice would remain in the same seat all day provided of course it?s not a hard one!

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It is my lifes ambition to grow old but I do not want to end up in one of those places , with all the will in the world they are depressing places.


I frequently visit our elderly family members in a very nice home in Liverpool but as nice as the place is it still depresses me so dear god they should let the old folk have there soft chairs if they want them.



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