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Grid Lock this morning in Warrington - How was it for yo

Geoff Settle

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As the Thelwall viaduct was closed the amount of traffic heading through Stockton Heath was a nightmare. Guess it was everywhere else too though.


A49 (London Road) heading in both directions at a standstill.


All routes accross the swing bridges from the South of the Manchester Ship Canal to the North were blocked :(

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No doubt cllr Axcell will deny that it was chaotic and that the amount of traffic was minimal with very few problems reported.


The fact that combined with the road closures around Whittle Hall, the M6 being closed and the Westbrook traffic lights, we now have abandoned cars in our close and at 11:30, traffic was still backed upfrom near the 7 woods to Asda. Some idiots were even trying to cut through the ASDA car park this morning; causing even more chaos with all the parents taking their kids to school.

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It took a work collegue to get from Northwich at 7.45am to get into work in Warrington just before 12 midday!


Think its going to be pretty dire going home tonight.


A bit of wind and the country is in tatters :o


[ 12.03.2008, 14:20: Message edited by: GaryJ ]

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I went to work at midday hoping to miss the traffic.


Chester Road was like a car park for high sided lorries. Took a picture cos I was so bored :D


Took two chaps I know 3 hours to get from Woolston to Penketh :o


Strange thing is the weather wasn't really that bad.... but the road system obviously is :redmad:

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I agree with Paul you should try and get a job locally - not always easy though.


But what about the people spending hours to complete a short journey they obviously do work locally - when didn't they suss out the weather like obs and get on their bike or walk?


I had to get to college last night in Chester and managed to get their easily. The via-duct was empty, the M56 blowy but again traffic light. I think by the evening when I set off everything had sorted itself out. It was even clearer on the way back but quite windy over the via-duct and I had to hang on :(

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I live in Dallam, work in Grappenhall, husband works in Anderton, I have to be in work for 7.30 he has to be in for 7 so if I want a lift off him I go out early (I dont drive so rely on lifts or more usually rely on public transport, but that is not always an option because of shift patterns and the lack of public transport at unsocial hours like early morning!!!!!!!!)


Yesterday we left home at 6.30 and hit queueing (sorry to all the grammar geeks if that is not the correct spelling!!!!!) traffic at Kingsway after already seeing a damaged wagon this side of the bridge by Padgate Sun Centre.


I don't think we could have done much (and neither could most people ) yesterday to avoid the trouble caused by the weather as it is too far for me to walk to work and unfortunately my job is not one that can be left (I am a nurse working in a Nursing Home).


What is needed is an alternative route when the motorways are closed and this has happened often enough now for one reason or another for the powers that be to come up with a viable solution. I bet if we were in the south something would have been done by now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It would and fresh smoked kippers from Port Erin and a pot of tea at Jeremy Clarkson's lighthouse near St Mary's, Mind you he has upset the locals by erecting a keep out sign. Manx love to wander through across each others property and what mansions they have. It's like being back in the 60's in places but there are also lots of 21st century examples of enterprise around. :) An ideal place to retire & very few if any traffic problems, once you hit the old black & white sign is open the throttle and hold on..... :biggrinbounce:


[ 13.03.2008, 10:44: Message edited by: Semi-retired Geoff ]

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A56 from Daresbury into town was almost at a standstill for most of Wednesday - made worse when a lorry tried to do a U turn near the Stag and jack knived. Concernning the Manx I made many day trips over a period of 30 years and couple of times a year stayed at local director's house near Ramsey while he was on hols. Enjoyed the Summer trips - flying over a.m and afternoon ferry back - on a deck chair writing my reports - nice people but very cliquish and often seemed to know more about my business and movements thasn I did !!




[ 13.03.2008, 17:43: Message edited by: Pedro ]

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Now how did I know you would get your hatred and distaste for the people of Liverpool into yet another post?


You'd be surprised that there are plenty of other types of people there as well and getting on fine unlike in this Town.


The roads today were much better and I got to Crosby and back in no time at all. Even had time to see the activity surrounding the 60th annual two week long Crosby Festival of Music and Dancing.


It's a pity that this Town doesn't do something like it, although there once was an Art competition in the Museum/Art Gallery a few years ago. Maybe it will return one day. :)

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