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  1. So planning permission has be submitted to redevelop this site. Its going to be a petrol station still with a built in Spar, Starbucks and Subway. Guessing the last two will just be small outlets within it.
  2. I emailed ESSO last night. Got a reply this morning that its been sold to Euro Garages - http://www.eurogarages.com Looks like it might turn into a BP garage - well hoping it will be and quickly!
  3. So.... they seem to have stopped all work on this a few months ago. Now being used for yoofs to paint stupid grafiti on the walls and windows. Anyone know if its dead or will it be refurbished? I am hoping the latter.
  4. Anyone know why it closed last week? Looks like they are taking it to bits too. I heard it will be reopened next year but only a rumour?? Anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  5. Was walking the wife to Central station this morning trying not to step in the sick and kebab meat that lines Warrington streets on a Wednesday morning. Anyway.. the road directly behind Oscars bar was cordoned off by police. Anyone know what happened? Didnt look good to me.
  6. Details... Latchford West 2009/15040 03/08/2009 Delegated Proposed outline application for construction of a 'drive-thru' hot food takeawa 354, WILDERSPOOL CAUSEWAY, WARRINGTON, WA4 6QX Emery Planning Partnership Ltd Jenson Investments Latchford West 2009/15042 03/08/2009 Delegated Outline application for construction of retail store (use class A1), associated 354, WILDERSPOOL CAUSEWAY, WARRINGTON, WA4 6QX Emery Planning Partnership Ltd Jensen Investments
  7. Some planning permision notices have been put up on Wilderspool Causeway near the Greenhalls site for a Drive through takeaway and a retail outlet. Anyone got any ideas as to what company/s are planning this? Please no McDonalds!
  8. Confusion sorted out! We got an email yesterday from our wedding planner stating what I said at the top. The email was sent to the wrong couple so no need to find a priest. I did think it was a bit weird. Ah well...
  9. Never been to church in my life. Were not religious. Is that the case then? Just find the nearest church and knock on?
  10. Getting married in Greece this year and we need to find our local parish priest. Anyone know where to find him? We live around the Wilderspool Causeway area? Thanks in advance.
  11. Anyone know how much they charge to watch the reserves? Apparently they are playing my old village Poynton tonight so fancy bobbing down. Cheers.
  12. Does anyone know why 3 houses have been boarded up on the Causeway? In the past I have seen a lot of young people coming in and out of them and hanging around outside. I noticed one of the houses seemed to have an office downstairs with security cameras around it. This morning I noticed they are boarded up with metal around the windows and the doors. Anyone know why?? edit :sleeping: [ 09.04.2008, 14:01: Message edited by: GaryJ ]
  13. It took a work collegue to get from Northwich at 7.45am to get into work in Warrington just before 12 midday! Think its going to be pretty dire going home tonight. A bit of wind and the country is in tatters [ 12.03.2008, 14:20: Message edited by: GaryJ ]
  14. Next to the car shop. Not sure what its called :confused:
  15. I walked past it this morning and it was cordoned off with plastic sheets and a special disinfectent washing thingymajig at the entrance. It was like a scene out of 24! Anyone know why?
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