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Torres & 'Ticker' / Liverpool & Silverwear


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After a long, self imposed exile ( :( ) and being overjoyed at the return of Kenny Dalglish to manage Liverpool, let me just say two things after this mornings game (antipodean time) game Liverpool -v- Chelsea:


1. Re Torres: Money can buy talent, but not heart.


2. If Liverpool retain Dalglish after seasons end, they WILL challenge for silverwear in 2011/12 season.


Last comment: Arguably, the team of the week has to be Newcastle coming back form 4-0 down. Great stuff!


Greetings to all at Warrington :D

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Well it took five months for you to notice his post Wolfie..... who is the sleepy one?? :lol:


Probably got over-looked because it was a poo post and not seen many of those over the last few years unless it was to do with fighting in a pub. :lol::wink:






http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2009/dec/22/manchester-united-fans-top-arrest-league :lol::lol:

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I think he was refering to a certain un-named Lpool player who beat someone up (Allegedly) or got his mates to beat someone up (allegedly) because he wanted the remote control so he could put ferry across the Mersey on the pub stereo!!

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You mean the guy the courts found to be innocent of all charges? Seems he was wrongly accused by some toothless Manc nomark. So not even allegedly tbh, unfounded. Even if he had smacked the gobby Manc I think that's nothing compared to destroying your own brothers life by doing his wife for years.

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