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The great garden BIRD watch TODAY

Geoffrey Settle

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Bill has just reminded me that this weekend it's the great garden bird watch. How many birds of the feathered type can you spot in one hour in your garden?




I remember spending an hour in the cold last year spotting NOTHING - I thought that they had vanished off the face of the earth. But there was simply nothing in my garden for them to eat.


Since then we have had nuts etc out and more recently sunflower seeds, which they love.


So my count must increase :!::roll:

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Baz and Wolfie... Geoff did day 'birds of the feathered type' :P


Well nothing so far for me in the garden but then we only have a back yard (and a dog) and a very small front garden.


There have been 5 woodpigeons in the tree opposite ours though who are regular daily visitors for the berries and I spotted a blackbird on the neighbours wall.


Do they count if they weren't actually in MY 'garden' :oops::cry:

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well in my back yard we had two magpies. they were nicking the cat food that the wife had put out for the feral cat she has been feeding for the last five years or so. :lol:


if your talking just down the road by about a hundred yards or so. then there were six swans, two canada geese, about three dozen ducks, four water-hens, three moor-hens and few dozen or so gulls.

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Bats are great... every year at dusk we get little pipistrelle bats flying round here. They swoop along the backs of the houses and in and out of the recesses right up past our back door upto the bedroon window and round and round.


They come withing a few inches of us if we stand there.


I've always tried to get a photo of them but they are too small and far too quick.


Amazing little things and so very cute :D

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