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Sod the salary :)


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According to the results of Mr Camerons initiative to measure the nation's wellbeing (national wellbeing index)


Happiness is about having a job... and the salary doesn't matter :?


Agree or disagree




Only 2000 people have resonded to it so far... but it is running until April :?


Has it been advertised anywhere or like me, are people expected to 'google' the words 'funny news' to find out about it :?:lol::wink:

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Having gone 11 months without a job recently - I do agree having a job is more important than the salary. Maybe over there unemployment benefit is better than here , but I lost almost everything in that 11 months and am damn happy to have a job.


It does not pay as well as the last but I do not care, I can make my way on what I earn now, which is the important bit for me.

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My other half now works part time as a baggage handler after being made redundant from a white collar job. He enjoys it but it amazes me when he tells of the other workers who will only have a certain number of hours put on the paysheet so they can keep their benefits and some who won't turn up if they are offered something elsewhere at a better rate but then turn up again for the next day. The employers must be tearing their hair out!

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I reckon Mr Cameron?s right in a way.


If you can do something that you actually like doing then find someone to pay you for doing it that?s better than good it?s bloody brilliant.


Bit like the artist who?d paint the picture anyway but ends up getting money for it or my job where I can sit here posting while getting paid for it. :shock:




Bill :)

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