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    An ice cube and a drawing pin was always the best way
  2. In addition to the 'sod you jack I'm alright couldn't give a toss' society that now exists.
  3. That's all it should be also .......... yet another 'non essential' invasion of privacy with people who have no rights whatsoever to be reading your personal details waste of bloody time, paper and money !
  4. Must be nice to have cushy hours of 9am til 3 ! and weekends off !
  5. Anyone interested in a 'proper' rockers/bikers pub/club in Warrington ? a good friend of mine has something 'in the pipeline' shall we say and Warrington badly needs it as we've had nothing decent since the closure of the Lion and the Carlton
  6. ofsted is an efficient body, its done a fantastic job of totally demoralising the majority of those in the teaching profession and is the reason so many leave it .......
  7. Anybody have any idea how long those dipsticks will be causing more traffic chaos by digging up Lumb Brook road ? as usual there's sod all on the council site about this total inconvenience yet again
  8. History has to be taught as it's read from records, because we DO NOT know the full truth ........ it was recorded and written in a biased way obviously, through the eyes of either the victors or losers so their word has to be taken ........ besides which history teaching should begin with local stuff then 'fan out' to more widespread detail, there are some things because of stupid political correctness that are taboo to mention, so you have to lie and distort what may have been the reality
  9. Without naming them there are a few primary schools in Warrington that are most definitely haunted
  10. That's because they built things properly and to last many centuries ago, unlike the thrown together garbage of nowadays
  11. Tom Slemen does very good books on ghosts, far better than any of the ones mentioned http://www.slemen.com/
  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1353574/Roman-road-Dorset-forest-1-900-years-construction.html
  13. Another stupid 'fad' business that the gullible mob are falling for
  14. http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2011/feb/04/archaeologists-forced-to-rebury-finds
  15. http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-life/liverpool-lifestyle/2011/01/22/tom-slemen-mystery-of-the-green-glowing-viking-longboat-in-huyton-100252-28032487/
  16. Here we go another topic pointless on here
  17. Have to say I agree with you to a point there, it all depends on whether it's an intentional dig to see what remains or whether it's coincidental ........ i.e archaeological investigation prior to building works which does occassionally turn up 'unknown burials' etc or the 'knowing' something is in a certain place. I've always had a slight issue with the removal of skeletons and human remains ............ proving to a point that in the modern day even when you're dead ya can't get any bloody peace !
  18. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1348356/Caligulas-tomb-police-arrest-raider-trying-steal-statue.html
  19. Where there is none ya can't put any
  20. Maybe ............... in recent years DNA sampling of some remains has been showing 'possible' interbreeding and 'possible' hybriding of homo sapiens and neanderthal / heidelbergensis .......
  21. On this day in the year 1486 at Westminster Henry VII (Tudor) unified the houses of Lancaster & York when he married Elizabeth of York (Daughter of Edward IV & Elizabeth Woodville)
  22. Difference is however that neanderthals did have at least a bit more intelligence
  23. More research that tells us nothing we didn't already know ......... as regards 'ugly neanderthals' you only have to take a 10 minute walk around the town centre to find 'plenty' of people that are a lot uglier than our ancestors !!
  24. Why oh why oh why would you want to subject these people to the crap of the 21st century ??
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