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Question for the fishermen


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Over the last 3 years, from the end of August and through September, I have regularly visited Woolston Weir. Standing there I often saw 15 or more Salmon/sea trout in half an hour trying to jump up the weir. However, this year I have been several times and seen nothing. Is there a reason for this?

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Went for a walk in Woolston Park early on Sunday morning. I was just standing on the bridge near the pond watching a hot air balloon sailing over when there was a bloody big splash in the brook as a heron tried to have a go either a big salmon or trout. I saw it legging it downstream but it was much too big for the heron to catch.


My office is directly facing the brook and when I?m struggling with a problem, I often stand and peer into the water for some form of mental relief. A few years ago when doing this, I could be pretty well guaranteed to see shoals of fish and the odd salmon almost every day but in recent years it seems to have gone almost sterile. In the whole of this year I've only seen one small shoal of small fish none much bigger than about 3 inches and one just one salmon.


I've got no idea why things have changed so much.


Bill :)

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Well I never.... I must admit I first thought it was a joke about Salmon at Woolston. I did see the hot air balloon on Sunday though.. scarey !


Got fed up of fishing myself after hours on the Bridgewater etc trying to catch anything more than the small tiddler.. then it was on to the illusive Pike.. and eventually boredom/stress got the better of me and 7 members of my close family and we never bothered to renew our licences this year. Pity really as I'd finally got used to the maggots YEUCH :D ?

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