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Help local Infant Schools to Fund Raise

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Hi my name is Tina and I am doing Fake Bake spray tans, NSI/Minx nails, Hollywood semi permanent lashes and every customer who replies and say they saw me on Warrington Worldwide I will donate ?5 of every treatment you have to your local infants or nursery school as they are desperate to raise money. So we can all help each other just let me know which school you would like to help and I will contact them and speak to their fund raiser and arrange for you to collect a voucher from them for me to give the money from your treatment. Call me on 07930 238743 many thanks Tina x

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Hi Tina


Nice idea but sort of goes against the non paying advertising 'rules' on here so be warned :wink:

Maybe you should ask for it to be put under the new section called 'WWW readers offers'.


Like you say schools and charities do struggle with fundraising these days and every little helps so maybe you could just donate ?1 from every treatment you do for a month instead :D


Anyway... Have any othe the above booked in with you yet... please post again and let us know if they do :lol::wink:

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That sounds very kind of you Tina,

But if you are advertising on here for free, then it's really Gary's profits (or in this case lack of them) which are in a roundabout way going to to help the schools.

If you really want to to enhance your companies reputation by charitable giving you should ensure that what you are giving is your own, otherwise you may end up looking like nothing more than a cheap chancer, bumming free advertising! :shock: .

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I have allowed this to run as I don't want to appear to be stopping schools from raising funds.(I must be going soft on my old age!)

But I do feel you would get a much better response by promoting your services properly on the website and in the local magazines.

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Not the only one, is he? :wink:


You're missing out, Obs. I get a lot of genuine pleasure from the charity stuff I do. I like the local stuff where I can see the effects, and I also like the "Gifts" - I spend a few quid and somewhere, someone I will never meet gets something life-changing. I think that's incredible. :D

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