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What puzzles me is that?

Sue Durnim

Which is better? Star Trek or Star Wars  

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  1. 1. Which is better? Star Trek or Star Wars

    • Star Trek
    • Star Wars

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...on the ?Star Trek? TV series, from the Original Captain Kirk onwards,

in their future they invented communicators, sliding doors, they can travel vast distances at warp factors, move people and items to where ever with their fantastic transporter beams, they can transplant human brains, cure all illness, have phaser and photon weapons of all descriptions, force fields to protect the ship, they can travel back and forward into time, journey through black holes, the list goes on.


So how come they cannot find a cure for hair loss e.g. Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the famous star ship the Enterprise?

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The occasional episode of Star Trek had a reasonably "adult" plot, but in the main they were pretty juvenile. Never seen Star Wars because it was obviously pretty juvenile from its publicity.

Science fiction does not adapt well on screen. Several excellent novels have been ruined by the movie makers.


As to the baldness, some scientists predict that eventually mankind will become completely bald. This seems a reasonable assumption as the hair on our heads is all that remains of what once covered our entire bodies. So probably a "cure" for baldness is not possible, nor even desirable. And I speak as one who is still reasonably well thatched!

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what i find amusing is that despite all their weaponry that can level a planet from the other side of the galaxy, hand weapons that can turn a thirty foot block of steel into a small pile of glowing ash, when it comes down to the final showdown it back to the good old fisticuffs.


it holds true for both star wars and star trek. :wink:

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Prefered the old Star Trek with Kirk, Bones and Spock etc; but I suppose it wouldn't do to have them still walking round with zimmers now! As for defoliation, thought that was the trend anyway, with bald armpits and brazilians etc?! :wink:



I thought they did deforestation in Brazil?

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