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What message does this give out?


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When I was that age, the local bobby would probably have recognised me and also known where I lived. Fifty years down the line and your more likely to get complaints of infringing a child?s civil liberties or that the CCTV operator is a pervert.


How times have changed!


Bill :)

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Since the image is so tiny the only message I think it conveys is


"Help! We need better CCTV cameras!"


Spot on McBain - exactly my point - if this is the best quality the police can release then why bother - it is just advertising the fact that these CCTV cameras are not up to the job! :roll:

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Depends on the quality of the cameras, the recording equipment and indeed the position they are set.


We have had quite a few good successes with the camera system we have installed on a few schools in the town. Prosecutions for theft of a projector (including a lad getting jailed :D ) as well as clips round the ear (metaphorically speaking of course) for trespass and other things


Summer holidays are always the worst time for the schools!

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