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  1. Mines nowhere near so ill take you up on your kind offer then. lol
  2. does it pay more than 40 thou a year.
  3. Ha Ha Thanks Dizzy You have far too much time on your hands. Want to come and do my job Wonder who got custody of the nest
  4. According to studies swans have a 7% divorce rate. Can't quote it because i have not got the time, inclination to find it.
  5. Yes still with the same place just a different job. Sooooo busy i hardly get time to look in anymore. I get really annoyed that when it comes to animals they get no say in the matter. At least a scroat can scream its objections.
  6. They should not test anything on animals. they should test them on some of the scroats in prison.
  7. The price of drink has got a lot to do with pubs closing. The supermarkets have a lot to answer for
  8. I have read and digested this thread and cannot go away without saying my piece. Yes i am a smoker, not a drinker as drinkers go. I only drink on special occasions and christmas. I enjoy news years eve out and about. I am apauled that the brewries did not stand up and demand that there were non smoking pubs and smoking pubs. I don't believe they could be split as the smell would seep through. Some of LP s comments made me laugh as they are very one sided and not very nice to smokers. I do think that trying to stop someone smoking is the wrong way to go. Its my choice and i know the risks. Do we stop fat people from going to Maccy dees. I pay my taxes and have probably paid more than any non smoker for the right to have NHS treatment. Can the same be said about people who dangle from bungi ropes or parachutes, should we stop them doing what they enjoy. As for the beagles that just makes me sick to the stomach even to this day. It should never have happened but LP what about the soap you use do you or any of us know how that is tested.
  9. Thanks but i found them Gary. Seems like everyone had a good time. I need log on more often as i did not know it was on till after the event.
  10. What happened to the piccys. Are you all toooo embarrassed
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