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  1. Just a quick question for you guys, how many A-Levels have you got? I'm not trying to be facetious, just curious.
  2. You make some good, valid points Jonathan. I feel sorry for Moyes, genuinely, as he has never really had a substancial budget available to compete with the big guns, but has yet managed to put the cat amongst the pigeons on many occassions. I think Everton's trouble is when they have a good season, like last season or three years ago, they don't give him the money to improve his squad in the summer. If he was given ?20 million or even ?15 million to spend I think he is cleaver enough to get the right players. As for Rafa, people should have a little more faith in the man that delivered two
  3. On the Warrington Town section of our website. The pre-season results are now fully updated as well.
  4. Yeah this "fake" team that has provided the club its only silverware in god knows how long for the past two seasons will be doing everything we can for promotion
  5. Thought Fergie might point to contoling refs as the key? Yeah we will be going all out to get promotion after the two seasons of cup silverware. Hope to see some of The Yellows faithful down tonight
  6. Well tonight at least for the Reserves at home to Maine Road. 7 o'clock KO and will be a good chance to see Warrington Town start the 08-09 season. We've had a good run in pre season and are hoping to carry that form into the league. Why not come down and get behind the lads for what will hopefully be a winning start.
  7. They probably couldn't get Torres fit him he's that fat! I'm sure Nando won't lose too much sleep over the Sky Sports billboard positioning He might even send Wayne a get well soon card
  8. Good work fellas thought I might have you there! Anyone got any more?
  9. Can you name the five teams who have won the Champions League/European Cup that are all from their country's capital city?
  10. I would say the same about the blues, except I don't think there is much tinkering you can do with 15 players
  11. I agree I think the top four will be as per. Spurs will come fifth and I think Portsmouth will do very well again. Apart from the teams that come up, I can see West Ham, Blackburn and Bolton stuggling. Villa are worth a shout to do quite well too with their attacking options. I can't wait for it to get started, the football drought is about to be over boys!
  12. Liverpool have spent a small fortune? lets see, 20 million on Keane, 7 million on Dossena, 1.5 million on Ngog, 2 million on Cavaleri. Sold Crouch for 11.2 million, Riise 5 million, Carson for 4.5 million Dany Guthrie and Charles Intaje for 1.5 million each so thats expendature of 6.8 million balanced against what we've recouped. Hardly a small fortune on today's market for four players Mind you, I supose when you compare it to the 32 million for Tevez it is a small fortune really
  13. Hi Geoff. From what I can gather I think they may be. I spoke Neil and I think he wants people to get involved at every level
  14. Yeah on Friday night both teams went back to the club for an hour or so and put a few ? behind the bar. Not sure many made it back on sat, but then again the first team will have been spending some of their wages in there I would expect
  15. We don't even want a shower of moaning bitter blues in our game never mind in yours!
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