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GPs ?

Observer II

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How are folk accessing their Doctors ?   I've been trying for three days to get through on the phone, to query some missing items on my repeat prescription, to no avail.  Whilst I can understand GPs not wishing to carry out one to one surgeries or house calls;  it would help if they were available by phone or skype (if you have it).

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3 hours ago, asperity said:

I contacted my local surgery using eConsult last week and received a response later the same day. Have a look at your doctor's website and see if they use this system.

I sent the questionnaire form on econsult at 11.00 am last Friday got a reply by 11.30 am that morning and collected the prescription for my problem from the chemist by 3.00 pm same day, that is impressive!

Whether I was fortunate or that is the norm I can't say.

But it certainly reassured me that somebody somewhere is getting it right.

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I have used the online prescription service for quite a while for me and Mrs sid.

Never really had a problem until Rowlands guardian street chemist stopped doing the prescriptions in guardian street and had them all done and shipped in from the orford hub.

fill in the repeat form and hit request then two or three days later go and collect from chemists.

Usually mrs sid's stuff that is the problem for some reason. Even though she has a lot less medication than me hers is always held up, usually something to do with her doctors surgery.

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