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  1. This latest fracas with the French has revealed that we import energy from France, must be when there's no wind ?
  2. Well, we've sent two RN Frigates to ward off the Frog fishermen around Jersey; if the French are true to form, they'll drop their trousers like they did in 1940, and go home. 😉
  3. Two legs good, four legs bad ! 😉
  4. Like spoilt spiteful kids, the French are miffed by not being allowed to drain OUR waters of fish; backed by the EU with their ban on our shellfish; blockading UK HGVs at the ports, they now threaten to cut their supply of electricity to Jersey. 😠
  5. He ran a good RL team, beating Bewsey in a final at W/pool; with Barry Briggs and Dave Roughley as the two centres. 😉
  6. This has been in the making for decades, with our Education system, with the PC products entering every aspect of social influence. 😠
  7. Guess you'll know of Knocker Norris then Latch ? 😉
  8. Think your all missing the point, there's a so-called culture war in play and the BBC is leading the rest of the liberal Metropolitan Media with it's PC absurdity in promoting an agenda. EG: How many old comedies are now banned or cut because they are considered "offensive" to faint hearted snowflakes or minorities ? How many dramas are now recast to include ethnics in leading roles from the past ? The advertising channels are just as bad, with almost every channel showing ethnics as if they form a majority of our population ? It's an insidious form of propaganda designed to counter t
  9. But if you still get the BBC on your set, how do you prove your not watching it, or how do they prove you are ?
  10. Perhaps Asp; you could just go through what happens if you cease to pay your TV Licence Fee ?
  11. That doesn't end their woke propaganda.
  12. Think legless and rubbish strewn is about right Bill; not forgetting the lack of public toilets.
  13. Aside from miscasting ethnics in period dramas, like Anne Bolyn; they're putting out some serious brain washing for younger kids, with a "horrible histories" prog, full of woke claims. EG: That the original Brits, as in Cro-Magnon, were actually black; well unless they ran here from Africa, I doubt that's the case. It takes 20,000 years to alter melanin levels to adapt to lower sunlight levels, which is the more likely time of travel. That the Roman Army on Hadrians Wall, were black, I suppose we could call them the original "Black Watch" ! There's no doubt that from within an Empire th
  14. Think it'll turn into nightspots and fast food outlets for the youngsters.
  15. Could employ someone to clear the tumbleweed ! 😉
  16. Well, the woke media assault on BoJo doesn't seem to be working, with his pre-election poll support increasing, while Starmer's sinks.
  17. Problem is, folk have learnt to do everything from home now, due to lock downs; plus on-line sales are cheaper (according to Asp). So we, or at least those on line, are the authors of T/C demise. Which now begs the question what is the T/C for, certainly not for shopping it seems, so that'll leave it to pubs and restaurants when the lemmings are released perhaps ? 😷
  18. Wonder if Rep Ron Wright wore a mask ? 😷
  19. Time the BBC was de-funded. 😠
  20. Think Israel's proved that crowds cause deaths. 😷
  21. The mask is primarily to safeguard other people from you; and for those with colds and flu, should become normal wear from now on. 😷
  22. Thought you wanted them out and about, "wandering aimlessly", without masks or distancing ? Some shops to crowd into would be ideal. 😷
  23. Problem is, he's got gossip and speculation being stoked by the liberal media, and the LabDums still appear on ballot papers.
  24. Not like our young generation to film their crime, then put it out to the world on the internet, is it ?
  25. Go tell the Indians Asp. 😷
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