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  1. Suppose the next case of expediency will be Harry flying in from the US for his G/dad's funeral. 😷
  2. Best taking them with food, so you don't rattle when you walk ! 😉
  3. Quite possible Dave - but as with all drugs, even aspirin has side effects - yer just can't win. 😷 I noticed the sister of the Warrington man who died from a blood clot, gave a rational statement of events, unlike the usual threats to sue the NHS for compen. 😷
  4. On all those rubber boats no doubt. 😠 Apparently HMG has announced that Pakistan will be added to the red list, meaning folk arriving from there will have to pay to quarantine in a hotel on arrival in the UK. But for some strange reason, there is a delay between the announcement and the execution date, thus allowing for a mad scrabble of travellers to get here before it comes into effect. Does the virus respect this time gap ? I wonder if the viruses have a meeting and decide to give us a start on such counter-measures ? 😷
  5. Talking of nature, I watch that "Serengeti" often, which puts nature into perspective; and it ain't pretty; the daily struggle to survive and pass on genes, makes one wonder what the grand plan is all about.
  6. Well the spoilt middle class kids were out in London, breaking the windows of a Bank in the name of "Extinction Rebellion"; so no doubt producing replacement glass should add to our CO2 levels; these clueless kids are going to have a rough time taking a bite of that sandwich. Notice that the youngsters aren't signed up to the eco-dream either, they all want a car when they reach 17.
  7. Seems the Jocks are building a majority FOR Independence, despite all the political, financial and economic arguments against it. BoJo will have to hold his nerve and refuse an Indy Ref for a generation.
  8. Bill, already noted - all the factors that make living in certain regions untenable are in play, and drove our earliest ancestors to colonise every corner of the planet; the problem is population levels are now a million times higher, so such movements will inevitably bring chaos and war. It's a s**t sandwich and all future generations are going to have to take a bite. 💀
  9. The Earth was once a ball of fire, it has also frozen into a ball of ice. And we can make a difference ?
  10. CO2 ? Plant more trees and suck it up ! 😉
  11. But all this has to happen by 2050 (I think?) in order to achieve a zero carbon future, so I don't think it'll bother any of us ! 💀 The green fanatics may want us on busses and bikes, but alas the great majority want to motor everywhere in their own little metal box, and will no doubt cling on to their petrol and diesel types for as long as possible. Home insulation won't be affordable or effective in 100yo houses and so won't get done. Remember the 20mph limits round town, cost a bomb but proved meaningless waste of money on roads that were already traffic calmed; now there are Councils b
  12. and observe the the tombstoning from afar ! 😉 😷
  13. Can't ignore it, it's now ingrained into TV programming, even the Ads. 😠
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