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  1. in New Zealand. Watching an Ozzy News report on Youtube, about proposed constitutional changes in N/Zealand; which would mean 50/50 power sharing between the Maori population (16% of the total) and the rest. It would also entail splitting health services on racial grounds and also changing the name of N/Zealand to it's Maori original. Aided and abetted by the Ahern Gov; it shows the complete insanity of this drift into wokeness by Western Cultures, apologising for history, revising history and the silencing of opposition. Something future generations can wrestle with, and they're welcome to it.
  2. It's not the weaponary Dave, but the willingness or otherwise to use it. We don't seem to have any politicians capable of getting a grip and sorting anything out. 😠
  3. These middle class kids blocking the M25, for 5 mins of the evening news, whilst alienating all the road users their action has inconvenienced is one thing. The other more important aspect to this is the woke response of the Police. What people expect is for the Police to IMMEDIATELY remove protesters from the roadway, thus allowing traffic to move, the protesters can then be arrested and taken to the nearest Police Station for charging. But no, 9 protesters (on the news clip), were sat in the roadway, surrounded by at least 30 plus Police, whilst a senior (female) Police Officer "talked" nicely to them. With the Police, wokism may be a much more serious matter, but it's systematic of the state of all our public institutions today, where senior management is full of woke idealists, resisting any control by the elected politicians. Time for a root and branch purge in the Police and all our public institutions imo, to terminate this woke nonsense and return to common sense responses in tune with public opinion. 😠
  4. Being cynical again, most folk will be totally surprised by the US pull out from Afghanistan, which appears as an ignominious defeat, but could it be part of the deal, originated by the previous Trump regime, to end foreign entanglements, but with a business like twist ? Could the US - Taliban have agreed to US rights and access to Afghan mining concessions, including lithium, in return for their abrupt withdrawal ? Needless to say, China is no doubt circling to grab a stake in these valuable mineral resources, and ultimately monopolise the battery supply market for our EV future ?
  5. Never heard from anti-vaxers in the past, when it came to flu jabs or various jabs for kids ? Think we can blame social media ? 😷
  6. It's happening all over the world Bill; last minute regrets from covidiots from their death beds - divine justice; but sadly lots of compliant innocents are taken as well; and the numbers will be up this Winter. 😷
  7. But the NI pressure will mean it could be high, staff wages are a large portion of LA budgets.
  8. Seems a Council Tax rise is due, to pay for staff NI increases plus care services; so yet another disproportionate tac on the worse off. And it seems this is playing on voting intentions as the Tories have now dropped below Labour in the polls. The tragedy is, moving to Labour is like jumping out the frying pan into the fire; what we need imo is populist policies, in tune with public opinion, but Boris seems to be throwing that away.
  9. Have to confess - I get ideas for meals off Youtube and the net; but that's Chef standard stuff. 😉
  10. In a nutshell; the Ozzies have less, if any, illegal immigration, because they simply don't let them in in the first place; we evidently do let them in and then fail to deport them. 😠
  11. Funny you say that Sid; I remember my late Father asking a young "carer" for poached egg on toast, and she asked him how to do it - clueless. 😉
  12. You'll notice that S/E Asians travel half way round the world to get to the UK; when Australia is nearer and speaks English. The difference is, the Ozzies just don't let them land or let them in. 😠
  13. We are clearly regarded as a soft touch, that can't eject illegals - that's why they come here. 😠 On the basis of your argument, we shouldn't be getting any from Syria or Viet Nam, as they were ex-French Colonies, and all those camping for years in Calais, have had plenty of time to learn French and adapt to the French systems.
  14. To most youngsters nowadays, their lives revolve around their I-phone; they don't need to store knowledge in their brains, as they can tap into google for everything.
  15. Think most migrants are heading for the UK, cos they think it's El Darado; everythings free etc. Those that make it, then phone relations to encourage them over. Basically, we're an attractive proposition because we're too soft, and they'll keep coming until we physically stop them. 😠 I wonder how many, rolling up on our beaches, have covid passports ? 😷
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