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  1. It just bolsters the immune system Bill; allowing resistance to the virus - you still get it, but hopefully it doesn't prove fatal, although there are now cases of deaths of folk who have had two vaccinations. The problem area is the young, who have strong immune systems capable of resisting the virus. BUT they can still spread contamination, which can threaten older groups or disrupt the school environment. It's strange that the 1918 Flu pandemic had the opposite effect, attacking the youngest demographic. 😷
  2. NB: The EU have us outnumbered - who picks the team ? 😠
  3. Nothing rational in running round like headless chickens. 😷
  4. No Asp; the idea is to apply very gradual relaxations in the lockdown, in line with the "R" factor, being maintained below 1. Bearing in mind also. that the vax can take a few weeks to kick in, an allowance needs to be made for that before opening up. Somethings are much too dangerous imo, to allow at the moment - namely any internal crowding such as nightclubs, theatres and sports venues. Any association needs to be outdoors and spaced. Alas, if folk jump the gun, we'll be back to square one in no time - again. 😷
  5. Politicians of course - they've all messed up throughout. 😷
  6. Well that sums up Brown's attitude; still recall him being caught out, calling that woman a racist bigot; not realising his mic was still on. 😠
  7. If we listen to your arguments Asp; we're never going to escape this virus; it spreads from person to person contact, so the answer is spacial distancing and masks, and maintaining some continued restrictions for some time. 😷
  8. I don't think these re-joiners realise what re-joining entails - IE; compulsory acceptance of the Euro, loss of any rebates and loss of a veto. 😠
  9. Well it's a bit earlier than I predicted, but I'm sure we're in for another surge - one step forward, two steps back. 😷
  10. They're the reason, we are where we are. 😷
  11. Today in the quadrangle of Windsor Castle, the Scots Guards trooped their Colour - a modified affair due to Covid, with formations in open order. I noticed the crowd outside in Windsor Park, closely packed and most without masks. 😷
  12. Seems we now have a spike, and climbing; also killing, even those who've had the vax. 😷
  13. You'll recall that Brown was the PM at the final surrender, signing at Lisbon; but went a day late to avoid the press coverage. He's an example of the kind of arrogance and contempt for the electorate, that most politicians have had for the decades leading up to 2019. 😠
  14. The fact is, the EU are totally peeved by our apparent success and still want to impose an element of control over us; in this case, one which could lead to creating a unified Ireland and thus the break up of the UK. Their argument about food standards is currently false, as we are still EU compliant and in many cases, maintain even higher standards than the EU. It's total jealousy on their part, and I just hope Frost holds the line and takes them on. 😠
  15. Are they saying that someone in hospital with a non-covid complaint, but who also carries the infection; isn't an infection risk to everyone else ? 😷
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