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So what inclined that gun to murder 50 innocent people then, did it wake up in a bad mood? 


not just an idiot but a very insensitive one.  Are you saying that he could do what he did without access to weapons?  Would you like access to assault rifles here too?  What plausible reason does any civilian have for owning an assault rifle?  The clue is in its title.

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There are attacks everyday throughout the world by lone wolf nutters; one in the London tube recently, where a rusty knife was the weapon. And that's the difference, these are sensational attacks because of the number killed or injured, and an automatic weapon will facilitate that, whether legally purchased in the US or The Czech Republic, or through the black market.

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That's a pretty pale excuse for the actions of this mass murderer, in fact it borders on mental gymnastics.

A man just killed 49 human beings and you're blaming a piece of metal and plastic.



I am blaming a lunatics ability to easily access a combat weapon for enabling mass murder.  Are you advocating free access to whatever weapons people wish?  Would you like it here? Are you a psychopath ?

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Americas gun laws are so messed up, you can even legally by a gun with no checks and even if you are a person on a terrorist watch list!!


Some states have quit strict laws on guns, like Columbia I believe. Some countries like Switzerland have very hgh gun ownership yet mass shootings do not happen.

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