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  1. The climate change industry isn't happy at the prospect of having to take its hands out of Uncle Sams bottomless pockets, what's the point of inventing a lucrative new worldwide religion if there's no lucre...
  2. I think that you're right about the Old Packet House, the writing was on the wall when unseen hands left the upstairs windows open for a year or two, demolition by neglect is slow but it always gets there.
  3. I believe it's still going forward in spite of the Chicken Littles objections, a fast response power unit too, you're probably in a better position to know than I am Geoff. A proposed solar farm up Great Sankey way got the chop I hear, the Nimbies again.
  4. The usual suspects reared up when a solar farm was proposed at Johnsons Lane on the Warrington/Widnes border, the land having been used since 1920 as a closed gate chemical tip... Save our area of outstanding natural toxic waste, you couldn't make it up.
  5. Perhaps 'local issues' would have been more appropriate but the post wouldn't have scanned, but micro issues; yes indeed, intentionally muddying the water with these specifically local issues during a General Election campaign is just a NuMilitant ruse to divert attention away from the total unsuitability of the doddering old communist they support for the role of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I'm no fan of May and I'm also aware that she didn't back Brexit in the first place, but as the most hard nosed of the lot of them and with Article 50 triggered I think it's a case of right time right place for her.
  6. There are a lot of these micro issues which would be more appropriate for local election campaigning being dragged out, this is a General Election to decide who runs the UK during the difficult next few years, after all.
  7. Somebody was probably whiling away their tedious hours at work by downloading pictures of amusing cats.
  8. All is not lost Obs, I believe that Ms Le Pens campaign has just received a boost...Obama has urged the French to support Macron!
  9. If Ms Le Pen wins the French elections on Sunday the EU will have more to worry about than rooting through Britain's pockets, a Frexit and the demise of the whole rotten outfit could be on the cards.
  10. After their last stunt hit the national press, if Mr Keane and the Penketh Junta had an ounce of political sense they'd have kept their heads down for a bit, since they have demonstrated that they just aren't capable of that, I suspect that word has come down from a lot higher up the Labour Party food chain.
  11. I suggest a third possibility, that they'll embrace absolutely anything with the word 'city' in it, this being in support of their bid for city status for the town, and all the lovely cash that would come with it. Follow the money.
  12. The real losers will be the devoted Labour supporters who are already 'employed by the state' for 365 days a year, will nobody think of the afternoon drinkers and the full time mummies?
  13. With Corbyn generally considered as a dead man walking, If I was a prospective candidate I'd be edging away from him.
  14. We'll see the councils true position on culture in the town the day after the CoC is awarded elsewhere, we'll hear no more about statues and suchlike, bank on it.
  15. Sadly, I believe that many of the towns scrag ends would much rather lob their unwanted items over the back wall than blow £33.34 of their beer and fag money on arranging to have it taken away.
  16. An easy mistake to make, since Interpol got pushed off into the weeds by the almighty EU version...
  17. It's rumoured that Trump recently presented Merkel with a bill for the equivalent of £300 Billion, the sum that his administration has calculated Germany has ducked out of by dodging its responsibilities to NATO and for which the US has picked up the tab. I bet he's got a few more bills like that in his pocket ready for visiting European leaders, no wonder none of them likes him.
  18. You're probably thinking of Interpol, and you're correct, we were/are long term members of it, I believe it's the worldwide crime fighting resource. But Europol is the European Unions own in house organisation, run by the EU for the EU, which sort of rules us out. And our funding, expertise and data bases, hence the sour faces in Brussels.
  19. If I remember correctly, one of Project Fears favourite claims was that the security of the UK would be threatened if we left the EU, since we would lose access to all the vital Europol data which we really, really need to keep us safe from those naughty terrorists. Now we're 24 hours into the formal exit process and what a hullabaloo; it seems that we're blackmailing the EU, since the security of Europe will be threatened if Europol loses access to all the vital UK data which it really, really needs to keep them safe from etc, etc. I expect that more truths like this will emerge as reality blows the Remoaner smokescreen of lies away. I can't wait.
  20. There is still a PCC young persons representative to appoint. Any of them got kids?
  21. Apart from anything, I question the morality of lumbering the town with a 60 year loan, or even 40, what right have the council got to put the next two generations of Warringtonians into debt so they can play around with big piles of borrowed money in 2017?
  22. As personified by that celebrities favourite The Kids Company, that money guzzling fiasco was soon brushed under the carpet, the cash never turned up again either.
  23. I saw something similar, it has been reported that no less than 628 NHS career bureaucrats are troughing over £100,000 a year, many well above that figure. The public sector, top heavy or what?
  24. The threatened closure of the Future Tech Studio is an issue in itself, I'm just puzzled how a new, state of the art school could fail so fast, the place has facilities and class sizes that the head of an inner city school would die for and a curriculum I'd have died for myself as a student, yet it's been given a one star rating and parents are avoiding it like the plague. What's all that about then?
  25. The BBC is given £3.75 Billion every year by people who have to pay up or get into trouble, like any organisation awash with huge amounts of unearned money, a smug and arrogant elite have made it their home.
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