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World Cup 2014


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The story so far....


First, a quite brilliant synopsis of what it's all about by John Oliver:



Tonight, who'dathunk Spain bottom of Group B already?


Previously, a  soft win for the host nation:




The wonderful Marina Hyde explains how many of us feel about all of this:




Oh, and:


1. Germany


2. Heroic exit at quarter finals


3. Holland (even if they do nothing else after tonight)


Tomorrow, it's us.


You've got to have some hope, haven't you?

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Well that was a short World Cup.


No idea why Sterling was taken off, :unsure: if anyone should have been replaced it was Gerrard, who played as if  he had lead in his boots and who's mistakes were directly responsible for Uruguay's 2 goals. It caps a bad year for Gerrard.


The only World class players were Suarez and Cavani, Rooney tried hard but not good enough. Lallana looked ok for the time he was on. Waiting for a miracle now.

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Had to laufgh today when I heard a radfio "pundit" say that england had played some of the best football ever this world cup as compared to previous world cups. I think he was even serious about it. if so I wonder if he was watching the england games or if he had been watching the kids playing at rylands. (to be honest the rylands ooption would see a better class of football played).


In the end it all comes down to the fact they weren't good enough, iran have faired better and they are in the middle of a war zone.

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