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1950's jokes


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If I found half a crown I'd.......


1) check there wasn't half a head in it


2) carefully remove some of the gem stones and diamonds etc.


3) I'd then get some 'make your own bracelet or necklace' bits and create a nice piece or two of 'costume' jewellery.


4) I'd then bide my time and eventually go to something like Flog it or Dickensons Real Deal with a small box of naff stuff AND the other pieces muddled in and be happily amazed at the worth of my car boot booty which I bought a  few years back for  50 p :wink:


As fot the chimney joke RC... I didn't really find that funny.  I thought you would like me to tell you :lol:   :P

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The big chimney said to the small chimney "You are too young to smoke"................

What would you do if you found half a crown?

1. continue and it will stunt your growth and you will never be as tall as me.

2. Thank goodness as I have just lost sixpence and so have gained a florin.


I can be as daft as you, possibly dafter!. :D:wink:

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Health and safety and political correctness in the 1950's! I don't think so!!


Just bucket loads of hypocrisy - and an inability to address the facts of domestic violence, discrimination (signs in boarding house that declare No Irish, No Blacks , No dogs - saw some like that in the seventies , never mind the fifties) ,child abuse etc.


I find that an awful lot of people who rattle on about political correctness still find the use of words such as f*** and c*** unacceptable - strange that!

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