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  1. I was thirsty so I stopped at a motorway service station and bought a bottle of Harrogate spring water (500ml for £2.50) On the bottle it says "natural spring water filterred for over 5000 years" and next to that is a use by date 20/03/2015 !
  2. It's about time that " It would appear now that some nice new railings have been pout in place alongside the tyres!" Things have been pout there. Sorry Gary but this amoused mou.
  3. You lot don't half ramble. But one statement that is a true fact ( from Inky Pete who wrote about the income tax summary on 28/11/14,,,)? that...... ...." the printing and mailing for this is actually carried out at a facility in Warrington - supporting dozens of jobs in our borough." , This is true and correct, the company is based in Woolston but what Inky failed to point out is that mostly they employ agency staff at just above minimum wage. Unfortunately he also failed to point out that company carrying out all (not just the income tax summary) of the mailing for HMRC is Fujitsu, a Japanese company.
  4. I used to think that toilet humour was a load of crap but now I am torn between two stools.
  5. You are discussing closing "THE" one and only, Warrington Worldwide discussion Forum just when I have found you all again, shame. !
  6. Hello everybody, I am sure that there are lots of street names that don't actually mean anything in terms of local history but I am fascinated by the name of the cul-de-sac that I am living in at the moment which is Grice Street in Stockton Heath. The word sounds (to me) like an amalgamation of Grey and Ice, neither of which seem particularly appealing at the moment but it is also called a "street" when it is actually a cul-de-sac. As the old saying goes "If you want something doing ask a busy forum" so any answers about this would be very much appreciated !
  7. Why when I put "Warrington Forum" into Google do I always get this page first? www.warrington.pl/ ?
  8. I would think twice about leaving my puppy alone in the house with my young son.....Come on we are a Nation of Dog Lovers.
  9. Really Dizzy, didn't know that, which Council granted the License? Does this have anything at all to do bribery and corruption or Peter Greenhalls (Lord Daresbury lets have a laugh) divorce? Possibly Halton Council . Allegedly, and I am only repeating what I have been told !!!!
  10. Wow, this is amazing! I had no inkling that people from Warrington could come up with the solution to the international banking crisis (and 3rd world debt?), and ,therefore I am very proud to call myself "A Warringtonian". But there is something that I don't like about this thread and that is that it was started by "Observer" and it began with the words "Red Ed". Do I detect that Warrington Forum is extremely right wing? There is nothing Red about Ed. Derick Hatton was Red and so was Arthur Scargill, but the Labour Party has moved on from that point in time (when Thatcher destroyed the whole of our once proud nation) and there are more important things to consider now. Who would like to call him "Blue Dave" or "Yellow Nick"?
  11. Rockcutting


    Your map of turnpike roads Dizzy is very interesting but, even with ny glasses on, I can't see the little bit that interests me. Is there anything there to confirm that the rockcutting is called "Turnpike leap"? Or am I clutching at straws?
  12. Are all of the photos Dizzy has posted from Warrington Museums archive?
  13. 28dayslater is an urban exploration site. In this post there is a ref, to Warrington-Worldwide.co.uk. http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/other-sites/69420-latchford-railway-viaduct-warrington-march-2012-a.html
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