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W***ing*** Gua***** to cost £1

Nick Tessla

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more the fool those who will pay 1pound for a paper 95 per cent adverts and 5 per cent news

Cleo that so called Midweek guardian is an insult to anyones intelligence, yes it's free but so is reading adverts on the sides of buses (that's if they still have them).

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The editors reason for price increase is lack of people advertising in the paper.Maybe i should go back to specsavers but this paper is full of adverts,the free magazine will probably have tv listings for next week,which are normally given with every weekend paper anyway

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I stopped buying it years ago due to the lack of news.   Advertising sheets should be free,  Newspapers paid for. 

At the time there was more ink on my hands than on the paper after reading it.   For a short time I did read the online version but couldn't get on with the layout

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