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Causeway Petrol Station


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We noticed a tanker and a flat bed workers truck there last week and barriers up stoping anyone entering. At the time we thought they were just refueling but then when we passed 2 days later all the pumps had gone and it was boarded up.


I've since read/heard somewhere (can't remember where from now sorry) that it's being done up like you and Asp both say.


To be honest though I've not been to that petrol station for many years as Morrisons just up the road has always been cheaper. Their prices are creaping up now though so maybe if the Causeway one does reopen they will reduce their prices and force the other down more too.


We can but live in hope :D

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I've been wondering too GaryJ as every time I go past it's all pretty much still in the same state as it was 4 months ago but like I said before I've not used ir for years anyway.


Considering that further down the road we are now seeing many new houses built and almost habitable you'd think that refurbing a tiny petrol station should be a quick job. 


As for graffiti and 'yoofs' well that's not suprising considering the location. 

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It's a long way from there to Stockton Heath's many coffee shops and their new subway..... and there wont be any parking charges at the petrol station either... sorry couldn't resist. :lol:


Joking aside .... It's about time that something is finally being done with the petrol station as it's looked a right mess since it was closed and fenced off.  


There aren't really any 'quick' pop in shops along Wilderspool so it can only be a good thing for people who pass by or live nearby. I hope their petrol will be cheap(er) than everywhere else too. 


I'd rather they had a Hennesy's like Chester Roads petrol station/spar shop though... although I don't buy petrol from them as it's more expensive but their actual Spar shop is cheaper that their other Spar shop just around the corner near the Stag pub.  Maybe the Wilderspool one will be even cheaper  :wink:

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