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Oktoberfest 11-13th


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The annual Oktoberfest takes place at the Parr Hall starting with the sponsors event on Thursday 11th from 4.30pm.

I have a few spare tickets if any regulars would like to join me for a tipple.

Following my fitness regime I will only need to smell the beer to be tipsy!:oops::blink:

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How many people will it now take to carry your new svelt like self home safely to your family Gary :wink::lol:


PS A reminder about Octoberfest (and link) has been on the calendar since yesterday along with some other local events for those who haven't noticed.

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One of the numpties collecting glasses at the end started "trying" to play the heavy over taking more than one glass home. Wanted a £5 per extra glass. Now these had already been bought for a £5 at the door, so that makes a beer glass worth £10.

The bottom line being that this member of staff was totally out of order with his attitude, accusations and insults.


I for one am seriously considering not attending again. I have been going for many years now, but never known anything like that. It's not as if they had been busy. Very quiet compared with previous years. Perhaps there are other causes more deserving. :unsure:

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Hmm, I'll be going tonight so will watch out for that one.


At another event some time ago I was stopped from going to the bar by one of these types (before last orders were called), just went to the other bar though.


I like a good bitter that tastes bitter rather than sweet, not mad keen on the overly strong ones, anyone any recommendations?

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Collecting extra unwanted glasses on the premise that they’ve been bought or paid for is wrong.


The deal is you pay your £5 as a donation to the Roundtable who then give you a commemorative glass that effectively becomes your entrance “ticket” for subsequent nights. That’s always been my understanding and it was certainly the case last week at Walton.


Bill :)

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