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  1. There are also on going issues with accessibility- Network Warrington offers plenty of low floor access for our disabled citizens as well as parents with buggies.
  2. I have a suscription with Ancestry.co.uk and have found the 1911 census for this lad. He was 31 at the time of the census and describes his trade as an Electrician;s labourer He had 3 children aged 5, 1 and 4 months in 1911 so aged 11,8 and 6 when he died. I will do some more research. I admire that you are visiting his grave Teessidewire.
  3. There will no doubt be some part of the Road Traffic Act says that if the speed limit ain't 30 then a sign has to go up. Would want 40/50/60 signs up after all?
  4. @fugtifino- drop me the details please kevofaz25@yahoo.co.uk
  5. It took 7 years hard graft to get the licence- we are NOT going to blow it in one show. Baz is welcome to contribute at any time- as he has in the past few years.
  6. Presenting, Interviewing, researching, production, driving the van, admin, fundraising etc etc
  7. There will still be opportunities to contribute to the station in many ways- not just presenting. So, if you have an hour to spare each week, get in touch via the website www.radiowarrington.co.uk
  8. It was until it got chopped down/ blew down. The current tree is fairly recent
  9. Could always arrange for some fly tipping on the Town Hall lawn?
  10. 24 hours to go until the last minute- what's the rush??
  11. kevofaz25


    Not many cars or planes around a hundred years ago so a lot of these "taxes" are fairly new. Also, Income tax was first raised in the Napoleonic wars so is well over 100 years old- it has to be re-legislated every year! Also, many of the taxes in the list are duties that are not taxes at all.
  12. be glad she got a trial- lots of places where it doesn't happen
  13. Brilliant event- well organised and well supported. Looking forward to next year! The Indian Elvis was Patel-vis
  14. is Gullible listed in the dictionary?
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