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Snail in bag of broccoli

Nick Tessla

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When I read stories like this I just wonder what the worlds coming to. I can’t believe that anyone could be so stupid as to not to understand that broccoli grows in a field. Also while the quality and freshness of can vary, I’ve never heard the term “faulty” broccoli being used. What an utter pillock!



Bill :)

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I think the worst experience we had having 'unwanted' extras in food was when we sat down to our evening meal of excellent fresh white cod that had been boiled, our daughter let out such a scream and there wriggling out of her cod was a pink parasitic worm, needless to say everyone's cod hit the bottom of the waste bin and was off the household menu for quite a while and to this day my wife always holds fresh fish up to the light and inspects it. No one to blame there then.

Found this example on You Tube.

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Ooooh Algy :shock:


I had salmon for my tea last night and I'm suddenly feeling rather queazy :blink:


As for the person with the baby snail in his broccoli.... three good will gesures and a refund... seems more than enough for me so why go to the press now ?


The poor little snail had been frozen so it would have been dead anyway so wouldn't have eaten much and then to boiled too well really not worth worrying about.


Just goes to show that green veg is not always as good as a meaty pizza or a curry :lol:

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