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First Snow.... Name the date :)


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Do you reckon winter is over - or will we get an icy blast before the spring?


With all the new new grit bins dotted about round here I hope we do get some snow and ice so I can do some spreading and feel usefull for once :lol:

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I reckon we will have a more normal British winter with occasional very cold but dry periods until January when some snow will stick, but not like the last couple of years. Do I win? :wink: :wink:


Was I closest? :wink: :wink:

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No... as if you look back a page at my pictures from 16th Dec I actually won and was the closed to the question :P


I guess if you look at it nationally though and also your prediction then YES you were definately the closest :wink:


What's it going to be tonight and this week Asp as the weather forcast sites seem to be saying different things. I am placing all my trust in you now as my lad has to get to his 1 week work placement ok without any hold ups, shocks or delays.


I'm wondering if maybe we should set off at 5 am tomorrow just to make sure we get there on time :shock:

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