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First Snow.... Name the date :)


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Just a bit of fun cos I'm bored......


What date do you recon Warrington will see it's first sprinkling of show this year.


It has to stick for more than 30 minutes so can't fall and melt straight away.


Or you can guess two dates.... first falling and first sticking :lol:


My guess is first falling 16th December at 03.35am (hope you stay up to witness that) and first sticking 18th December at 10.46pm


No idea why I guessed those but they just came to me as I was typing.


There is a prize for anyone who does get it right :D

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Sleet and hail doesn't count Evils :wink:


A freind of mine just bought a set of wheels and winter tyres due to last years nightmare. Me... well I'm poor so unless I win on the lottery tonight I'll just have to stick with what we've got on our two cars as it would cost a fortune to buy them. (Well I hope I'll stick anyway :unsure:)


Roll on 5pm then Geoff.... I'll be looking and hoping :lol:

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part worn winter tyres do not cost a fortune. Many of the "used tyres" places around town sell them. Most come from Germany where they have to change their tyres when the tread drops to 5.5 - 6mm. When you consider that most new tyres only have 8.0mm and the UK limit is 1.6mm they are a bargain.


Plus you put them on a cheap set of steel or alloys and they last years because you only need to use them for a few months of the year. It also saves you slipping on the un-gritted Warrington roads and kerbing your good summer tyres too!!

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Baz J


Just for reference the tyres you are promoting are considered as worn out in Switzerland.


Do not under any circumstances enter Switzerland on Summer or part used Winter tyres between 30th October and 1st of April. You will be booked and may spend time in a quite relaxed prison environment wondering what did I do wrong?


It will definitely put a crimp in your day, it will make you late for your next appointment, it will ruin your plans and generally mess up your week.

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Rex, Winter tyres are not compulsory in Switzerland but anyway, how can a winter tyre with 6mm of tread be considered as being worn out when a new tyre generally only has 8mm on?


"Winter tyres:

Switzerland does not have any general legislation concerning the fitting of winter tyres. In case of an accident however, the lack of winter tyres constitutes an important argument for the allocation of the responsibility for the damage.


The use of winter tyres can be rendered compulsory on specific roads. This is indicated along the roadside by means of traffic signs.



Tyres with spikes are allowed on vehicles of which the gross weight amounts to a maximum of 3.5 tons (OETC articles 61-62), with a speed limit of 80 km/hr, from 1 November up to 30 April. Spikes must be placed on all four wheels.


Snow chains:

The use of snow chains is compulsory on roads indicated as such by means of a corresponding traffic sign. A period has not been specified as in the Alps snowfall can even occur in summer. At least two driven wheels of the same axle or one on each side (in case of twin wheels) must be equipped with metal snow chains or comparable systems made of a different material yet approved by the Federal Road Agency (OSR article 29).




I have driven in Switzerland during our "Top Gear Tour of Europe" a few years ago but that was in the summer.... stayed at the Intercontinental in Geneva for a few days.... very nice and very clean and not part of the EU..... 3 things in their favour that we can't claim at the moment!

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Winter tyres are compulsory in Finland from Nov.1st to the end of Feb. and having driven over there in winter conditions only an idiot would attempt to drive in their severe winter without studded tyres, Oh! and their prisons unlike Switzerland do not have a very relaxed atmosphere.

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very nice and very clean and not part of the EU..... 3 things in their favour that we can't claim at the moment!


Regardless of the Swiss people voting NO to the EU, the government have signed up to over 210 treaties with the EU and accept the use of the Euro, so only a matter of time maybe. :roll:

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