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I have postal voted twice now, it suits my lifestyle. theres nothing wrong with the system, theres problems with the councilors rigging it.

one simple rule is if one of your members is found to have rigged a vote, your entire party is disqualified.

it would be like saying waddingtons monopoly is a rubbish game because the banker always cheats... we just need to weed out the unfair players.


so top of my list for "cheating bankers" bush & blair (brown by proxy)

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I "may" sound very undemocratic but so many people dont vote, dont know who to vote for, vote for the best looking, vote for who thier family have always voted for, also so many people dont understand what each parties values are, even the basics, I know we can't all be political experts but......


Realise I may have just shown my true colours there, am lovely really, pormise, and mean no one any harm :o:roll:


[ 29.01.2008, 12:36: Message edited by: Tilly ]

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