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  1. I'll "think" about it but you know me, am var var shy
  2. I thought it had already been and gone, dizzy or what
  3. They are all leaving to either retire or to work in other area's of interest No one has been made redudent or taken voluntary redundancy, or if they have it's news to us
  4. Now then, there have been no redundancys, really, there hasn't. Not yet anyway. Re the money, actually health have a lot more money ( thought still probably not enough) from the Government than Councils and Social Services etc and so from that perspective joining forces "should" be a positive thing for the Council. That said there is never enough money for the things that Councils and Health Aurthorities need to purchase and deliver etc. And due to there being such different cultures with both services I can see many many challenges ahead, heavens if I'm not careful I'll sound like Diana The question is are we really really up for it? All these challenges and more changes, when so much else is going on that has yet to be resolved, ideally this sort if thing that I dont deny is needed would be implimented at a time when staff were feeling more positive about the Council and safe working for them, then you'd have a positive enthusiastic workforce rather than a reluctant and complient one - a thing that they're trying to weed out?
  5. Heaven forbid, and neither shall I It's awful and also no one votes for us because its all gone rather policital
  6. Thanks but I doubt it I'm working on it but there's no money so there's no money so we can't buy anything cos there's no money so that's that cos there's no money. Heaven only knows where I'll go with the restructure, "all change, every body off",
  7. Technically I'm in corridor as it is, with a fire door / escape to my right - major draft, facing a wall, with bars on the windows ......... the council do so cherish their employee's....... mind you if I had a posh office people who pay council tax would moan so erm, can't win. I think the reason I'm where I am is my need for storage and staff so at present there is no where else better I must say the the difference in workers office environment is astonishing. I work in area that causes some a lot of worry and anxiety and concern re budgeting and new work practices etc and more freedom and choice for the public, and rather than embrace the changes being implimented they've hidden me!!!!! But you know me, don't go down with out a fight
  8. Yikes, no fanks I work at Bewsey Old School, it is a very tired, old, dirty, cold, draughty, dusty, falling apart, grey, grim, soul destroying building, miserable it is, it's not clean nor is it cleaned properly and the loo's, well am saying nothing but if you can wait, you wait,
  9. Although it could be deemeded as a tradition and a tourist attraction????? It must cost a fortune to maintain and run and many of us that work for the Council do not work in premises that are remotely as nice or clean or warm or...... well the list goes on an on, it doesn't motivate staff or make them feel valued and in turn generate commitment when they work in a poor environment, and soo much money went of the staduim, be nice to work there every day, at least it's got clean toilets, and it's hoovered and it's warm
  10. There is a fine line between "mad" and "bad", act in haste, repent at leisure
  11. Is the information not suppsoed to be in the public domain? I suppose in light of what we find out when we do see, I doubt they'd jump up and down and shout "here's mine, would anyone like to see?" It is certainly about time there was a serious review of the whole matter, I think their salary should reflect with in reason an amount allowing for the cost implications of their role but not reflect personal taste and preferences, simply cover with in reason and ecomonically the added expense incurred by the demands of their jobs and no more and it shoudl be capped!!!
  12. Money makes poverty more bearable but doesn't change peoples values or standards or change your past or who you are.
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