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End of the World -

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I wonder how many of his followers will still support him or his theory.


The same news articel also reports that


"Some followers donated their life savings or simply gave away their worldly possessions as the day approached."


"Many expressed bewilderment and shock as the day came and went with no sign of the global cataclysm."


"I've been mocked and scoffed and cursed at," said Jeff Hopkins, a retired TV producer in New York state who spent some of his savings customising his car to showcase Mr Camping's warning.........tt's like getting slapped in the face."


This chap is clearly not not happy that he and everyone else is still alive :roll:


Mr not going Camping just incase has since been asked

if he had "any advice to offer those who had given away their material wealth in the belief the world was about to end"


His replies were


" they would cope."


"We just had a great recession. There's lots of people who lost their jobs, lots of people who lost their houses... and somehow they all survived," he said.


"We're not in the business of giving any financial advice," he added.


"We're in the business of telling people maybe there is someone you can talk to, and that's God."


I wonder if God is happy with him for misleading so many people with his twaddle... I bet they are hoping his prediction of the 21st Oct is right as at least they will only have to spend 5 months with no money or possessions.

I wonder why they gave them away though as they wouldn't have been any use to anyone :? They are clearly as daft as he is.


I reserve the right to may change my opinion on the 22 October though :shock::wink:

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Only a kettle... you my dear chap will certainly get a place in the heavenly quarter as you asked for nothing other than one small thing.


If anyone is giving away a Lambourghini could I have it please as I already have a kettle :D

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I'm sure your wife would prefer to keep you than your car Baz... but then again :shock::lol:


In which case I'll have your fridge please if that's up for grabs as like I say I'm perfectly happy with my kettle although I would prefer one with neon blue lights :cry:

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I'll settle for the kettle. That way I can have a nice hot cuppa whilst waiting for the world to end or not. 8)


I seem to always be having problems with kettles.


The first one we had was one that you put on the gas cooker and whistled when it was boiling. Was fine until the whistle went one day and ended up burning the bottom out of it. :(


The next was an electric one, nothing fancy just plug it in turn on and off at the mains, worked fin for a few years until the element went and we found that it was cheaper to buy a new kettle than replace the element.


The replacement was one off those nice cordless ones and served us well for the next two years until the switch in the handle went and it would not turn on.


After that it was a another cordless a fancy one that changed from blue when cold to pink when hot. That went ok until the mother in law decided to wash the base in the sink when she was doing the dishes. One flash and a bang later and we sought a new one.(kettle that is not mother in-law, but it was a close thing at the time)


Rather than spend loads we got a cheap one (under a fiver) which lasted three years and then developed a leak in the side and so had to be replaced with the latest one we have.


Not wanting to go the plastic route we now have a metal one, cordless that sits on a central spigot. All nice shiny silver, shaped something like a bullet. The only snag with this one is it is rather noisy. Well to be honest very noisy, when you switch it on it issues a loud hissing noise and then proceeds to grumble a bit before starting to sound like a space shuttle running its engines up prior to lift of, this is accompanied by much shuddering and shaking to add to the similarities. :shock::shock:


So folks if you see reports of a ufo in the area or hear off any low flying aircraft that have had near misses with a small silver object travelling vertically at speed. Do not panic, it is more than likely my kettle finally managing to achieve lift off. :twisted::lol::lol:8)

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:lol::lol: Good grief Evils you've not had much luck with kettles have you. Maybe you should just drinking cold drinks :wink:


In the 18 years we've lived here we've only had 3 different kettles The first one had flowers on it and it was errrm 'awful'. It was a M&S one with matching tea/coffe/sugar pots, chopping board, toaster and kitchen clock.. the sort of thing granny would have.


It was a house warming present from someone who obviously just wanted to wind me up but money was tight so we accepted it graciously and put up with it for some years. I was so relieved when the toaster and kettle finaly broke a few years later :oops::lol:


Second one was about ?8 and lasted years... current one was ?10 from Morrisons and is about 7 years old, nothing fancy just white with a clear blue panel in the side. I wish it would break though as I want a silver one with a neon blue light but I'll stay away from the bullet shaped ones from what you have said :lol:


I have developed an unhealthy obsession with neon blue lights.... I must have been a fly in a previous life :?

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Neon blus is a very calming and beautiful colour Wolfie. It is know for it's ability to errm... nothing really.. it just looks 'cool' and for some reason wherever I go I am attacted to the colour and it sort of mesmorises me. (how do you spell that) Shop lights, display cabinets, decking lights you name it.. I am 'drawn to them'.


That's also why I had my pc built with a clear side on it and neon blue and green (I don't like green :? ) lights lighting the fans.. and 4 neon blue 'eyes' at the front. Sadly they bulbs to the 3 of the 'eyes have gone so it's not as effective anymore and the clear side buts up against my pc desc so I can't see those either.


Well you did ask and I thought I would explain just incase the world does end :lol:


PS Silverlady... thanks for the warning about finger marks and chrome/steel kettles. That would drive me mad so I'll get a black and neon one instead when the time comes :wink:

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Why too much money Peter.. I already said I wont but a new kettle until this one breaks :?


I know what SL means as I always have to clean the body of my white kettle and I often wonder now it gets so grubby, the handle I can unserstand, but not the body.

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Mesmerise Diz :wink:


Peter you have to put your fingerprints on it to prove it's your kettle if someone nicks it :lol::lol::lol:

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