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End of the World -


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Well I'm still alive... any idea what time it is supposed to end today Obs as I wont bother food shopping and preparing anything for tea if it is going to happen late afternoon.


I'm sure it's all supposed to end next year though :?:cry:


Anyway just incase Obs is right for once..... bye all and I've really enjoyed talking to you all over the past years.. even Bill, Peter and RK :D:lol:

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The world definitely will end tomorrow, cos tomorrow never comes - tis always today.


I remember a similar prophecy in those god fearing days of 1944. The sky suddenly went black, thunder; lightning. Five hundred grammar school children all scared to death.


All pure co-incidence then, but------


Happy days

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Still here at 20.21 :shock::lol:


My PC says that you posted that at 7.18pm :shock:


Mine say's he posted it at 8.17 pm :shock:


Anyway 22.05 now and nothing YET.


All the kids seem to have been clock watching all day and facebooking each other with the countdown to 6pm.....they seemed scared even though they (sort of) knew it was just 'probably' a clever saddo who had come up with a good way of making money from the gullible souls wanting to go to heaven.


I mentioned that 'if' his prophecy had been true there was no point in him charging people for the privilege of going to heaven as he would not be able to enjoy his money as he too would be dead... and then some bright spark said... 'yeah but at least he had some fun with loads of money to spend in the run up' :wink::lol:

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Well Judgement day has come and gone and the good and just people have left for higher things.


If you haven't gone then your are stuck with the rest of us, the decision has been made....ooops :oops:


Given it was the last day did any of you do something you really wanted to do on the last day on earth just in case :?:


I went for a nice run at Risley Moss - in the Running Rings as advertised in WWW on Friday. I only managed 2min 29secs for 580 meters - it's that extra 3 stone in weight that slowed me down :twisted: .


I followed this in the afternoon watercolour painting in Penketh with TV artist 'Awash with Colour' Dermott Cavanagh and I now have a lovely painting of the Irish Doe Castle.


The day was finished off with a lovely chicken roast dinner.


What did you do on Judgement Day :?:

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Would it be insensitive of me to laugh at that Baz :oops::lol::lol::wink:


Geoff... I did what I always do on a Saturday ie washing, tidying, some computer work and believe it or not even I paid a few bills etc etc.


Maybe I should have done something else 'just in case' .... after all if it had all ended we wouldn't have needed clean clothes or a semi-tidy house, no-one would have needed their websites but at least I could have sat in heaven or hell in the knowledge that British Gas and the other robbing sods 'THOUGHT' they were about to get my money :lol::lol:

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Well a volcano did kick off in Iceland - wonder if the planes will be affected?! :wink:


air traffic suspended over Iceland.... here we go again!!


Last year when it all kicked off, my wife was stuck in Australia for an extra 2 weeks..... heaven! :lol:

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