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first names quiz

Evil Sid

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Having read few classics recently, it got me thinking on how many people in books are known by their last names. So here are a few names do you know their first names?


1) What is the famous traveller Gulliver's first name.


2) You have heard of Dr Jekyll but what is his first name.


3) And what is the first name of his repulsive alter ego Mr Hyde.


4) Sherlock Holmes has a brother but what is his first name.


5) Sherlocks friend and biographer Dr Watson had what first name.


6) Hastings is Hercule Poirots companion on many adventures but what is his first name.


7) As one of a pair of body snatchers what is Burkes first name.


8 ) And what is the first name of his infamous partner Hare.



Have fun 8)

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To the best off my knowledge Miss lemons first name is Felicity.


As for Ahab, I have skimmed through Moby Dick and had a trawl of a few web sites and can find no mention of any other name but Ahab or Captain Ahab.


The tune to no hiding place I am not quite sure of. There is a tune hovering in the back of my mind but may well be from another police show from the same era. Only vaguely remember the show though.

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