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Is there anybody out there?


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I quite agree... If they do exist leave them to it as what right do we have to interfere. They are probably doing a damn site better than we are unless of course there are condems and labourites there too :lol:


I often wonder whether we are just a tiny little life form living on a huge host but we have no idea. A bit like a colony of billions of microscopic bactera on a sponge :?

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A long time ago........


In a Galaxy far far away..............


Picture the scene.......


"we come in peace from planet earth....... I am President Jos? Manuel Barroso of the EU"




Would you like to join us? All you have to do is send us lots of money and do as we say.......


Now that may seem somewhat strange; but 27 countries have been so far been conned..... err I mean convinced to join us and you could have the honour of being the first planet in the mighty EU"


That sounds like a great idea..... now because we have lots of unemployed and sick, can we send them all to you for jobs and medical treatment?


"...........Of course, but try Britain first; they are a soft touch"......."Now, send us all your money and you can get rid of those 100w light bulbs for a start............."


"But we are from Franco-Polish stock and so we do not follow EU rules and we have no money to give you.....


"That's no problem...... Britain and Germany can give you money, just like they do to 24 of the other members!"


"OK, but we will have to put it to a referendum first to see if the people agree to us joining and signing the treaties"


"mwwwaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!..... the fools just don't realise how we in the EU work!!!"



And so the saga continues...........

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We may someday have to "inflict ourselves" on other planets (assuming the species lasts long enough), cos we've got about 5 billion years before our Sun turns into a super-nova; and that's discounting asteroid or comet impact. Now, if these "other" planets are ahead of us, they may wish to "inflict themselves" on us! :shock:

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problem will be actually reaching them


It's hard enough trying to get through to British Gas let alone other planets.


There are some posters on here that are hard to reach (or should that be teach, shrugs shoulders and proof reads to ensure proper use of capital letters) :wink::twisted:

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