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Carroll off to Liverpool, Torres off to Chelsea


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Andy Carroll Newcastle to Liverpool ?35m

Torres Liverpool to Chelsea ?50m

...and we are meant to be in a recession!

Football at the highest level has become a total joke - it will all implode one day!


I wouldn't say Poo and Newcastle are at the highest level. :wink:


Torres must think it's Christmas ................ or is that Carrol? :?

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"originate" - sponsors: arn't they private companies that pay this sponsorship out of their profits? So presumably their profits come from their customers? TV rights: arn't TV companies funded by advertising ? So isn't this also sourced from "the customer"? Punters: presume you mean fans, well they are direct customers of the game. SO, all these customers are presumably ordinary folk, who, IF they had a choice, might not be inclined to fund these obscene amounts now involved in the beautiful game! :?

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This money came from 1 place only i.e. Roman Abramovics wallet.


The ?50m for torres has covered the increased offer for Suarez and the Caroll transfer. With LFC also selling Babel to Hoffenheim, this actually costs them nothing from their own pockets and in terms of wages will be a saving over the course of the 5.5 year contracts given to both (Torres was on about ?125k per week apparently).


Without Abramovic this wouldnt have happened as the same day Chelski reported at ?71m loss last season despite doing the double.


Chelsea and Man City are totally unsuatainable without their backers. The new UEFA fair play rules coming in in 2013 will make a difference and this summers window should be the last of the silly money moves.

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Torres says that it is his destiny to score against Liverpool at the weekend.......


seems even paying someone 125 grand a week commands no lasting loyalty from these dumb footballers..


Years ago, many would have seen football clubs as helping out with care in the community. Most of these so called sportsmen can't even string a full sentence together and would certainly not have been top of the list of job applicants if I was interviewing.

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One word on football transfer fees & 'weekly' (or is that daily) wages for football players: OBSCENE!


AdrianR said: (Torres was on about ?125k per week apparently). at Liverpool.


I calculate that to be around $260/70 per week in antipodean coin, which is more than I earn in about 3.5 years working 5 days per week. Sickening!

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